‘Yesterday’ Connections

Looking at today and trying to see the ‘yesterday’ elements we can keep or include in our lives.

We connect with people through technology today, but we should also remember to connect with them through ways of ‘yesterday’. Taking the time to visit with people in person, actually talk to them on the phone, or simply write a quick, thoughtful message on a card or letter that they receive in their home mailbox. Sometimes people need a break from the technology world. There are also some people, believe it or not, who do not communicate through computers or smart phones. I am referring to the many people we know of another generation. It is so very important that we take the time in our busy lives to remember that human communication is so vital for our family and friends. It is also very important for our customers and clients.

They will appreciate the time you take to show them a bit of ‘yesterday’ in their today.


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