‘Ugly’ Just Became ‘Nicer’

The ‘Ugly’ is the plumbing outlet on the wall that connects the water hoses to my washing machine!

The ‘Nicer’ is how I made it disappear from my view!

(Now that you know it is not about people or a critter, I hope you will continue reading!)

We recently had our laundry room painted and new porcelain floor tile installed.   I had not really thought about how often we are in that room.   My husband and I use it as the primary entrance into our home since it connects to our garage;  it is the pathway to our trash and recycling bins on the side of our house;  and of course it is used for sorting, washing, drying, and hanging laundry!  When I put the room back together again, I wanted it to look nice!

 I looked at the plumbing outlet on the wall that connects the water hoses to my washing machine.  It was not a ‘nice” thing to look at!  I hated looking at it every time I put clothes in the washer and wanted a way to cover it up.  (I am waiting for my washer to go out so I can get a new one with a pedestal, which will hide this wall ‘eyesore’.)  This was the last room in our home that received a ‘make-over’ so I wanted to find an economical way to decorate it.

'Ugly' Laundry Room Showing Washing Machine Hoses
‘Ugly’ Laundry Room Showing Washing Machine Hoses

 Brainstorm!  A picture!  I had this picture on the wall before it was painted, but decided to set it on the top of my washer and let it lean against the wall.   It covered the water hose connections, and gave me something a bit nicer to look at.  When I first put it there, it slipped and fell. (Luckily it fell on top of the washer, not behind it!)   OK.  Now I needed to secure it.  I thought about some sort of brackets, but I really didn’t want to put holes in my ‘new’ wall.  A piece of the rubber stuff you put under rugs to keep them in place happened to be sitting on my dryer, since I had also rearranged my laundry cabinets.  Another brainstorm!  I folded a piece of this ‘rug-holding stuff’ and set my picture on it!   (You can barely see it at the bottom of the picture frame.  That’s okay…after all,  it’s just a laundry room. The picture also created a barrier for things falling behind the washer!)

'Nice' Laundry Room
A ‘Nicer’ Looking Laundry Room–Goodbye Water Hoses!

Several years ago I also had an idea to find a way to keep the hangers in my laundry room.  Remember the clothes rods you could hang in the backseat of your car so you could hang several clothing items during a trip?  Yeah?   Well anyway, I put in a couple of nails under my laundry cabinets and hung this rod.   I kept it there after my laundry room was fixed up, since it is a very functional way to keep my hangers handy and a way to re-use the ‘car clothes rod’.  (Do they even make these anymore?)

I just wanted to share these two ideas.  I know there are readers out there who may be waiting for their washing machines to die so they can get a new one on a pedestal,  which will cover the ugly spot in their laundry room.  Some readers may even have an old ‘car clothes rod’  in their closet or garage that needs to be put to good use.

I would love to hear your ideas on re-using old things or solving a problem in an economical way!

Thanks for reading!

~~~Vickie Horsfall~~~


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