Too Many Paper Scraps!

We try to use every bit of  our papers for crafting cards and different projects, but sometimes

there is no way around having a few leftover scraps of these wonderful papers.  I am too thrifty

to just toss them into the trash, so I have found a way I can still use them.

Crafting Paper Scraps Can Be Used for Notes

I have always written little notes of things to do or get on a notepad.  Well, now I have a better

solution…..I just use my scraps of paper to write these little reminder notes.  Most of these

papers are thicker than regular notepad paper, so when I tuck my list into my purse it seems

to keep better without getting wrinkled.  It is also a reminder of the card or project I created with the paper.

This is one way I use my paper scraps.  I would love to hear your ideas about using scraps of your crafting papers!

Enjoy your day and thanks for reading!

~~~Vickie Horsfall


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