Organizing Craft Ribbons

I recently moved my crafting supplies into my new craft room, aka my youngest son’s former bedroom.  (Pictures and blog about this coming soon!)  I had been working out of a corner computer hutch, which had doors that I could hang my ribbons.  I could see them and had easy access to them.

 My new craft room had a mirror that my son had in front of his desk.  I decided to put my new worktable under the mirror.  (We really didn’t want to remove the mirror.) I needed a way to display my ribbon collection for making my handmade cards. I thought it would look nice to have my ribbons flowing down in front of the mirror.

 I tried suction-cup hooks that I found in my stash, but they didn’t stay. How could I find a ‘thrifty’ way to hang them.  Back to my stash!  I found these blocks made of some sort of compressed, smooth styrofoam.  I have no idea where they came from (probably some packing material) but I had saved them.  Now I could use them!

Styrofoam square base

Golf tees for ribbons to hang over

I had my base, so my thoughts turned to what I would attach to these ‘squares’ so my ribbons could hang from them.  I went through some brainstorming and found these golf tees my husband had been given.  (He hasn’t golfed in a while, so I didn’t think he would miss them.)

Put adhesive strips on back of squares


I broke off a section of the squares into two rows.  Double-sided craft foam was the perfect adhesive to mount this base on the mirror.
The golf tees were staggered so the ribbons could hang from them.

Space golf tees on alternate squares

The fun part of this project was to hang the colorful ribbons on my new organizer.  I love how the colors are reflected off the mirror.

Ribbons hang from golf tees

I am a very visual person, so I like the fact that I can see my ribbon selections and have them be within easy reach.  I keep my ribbons that are on spools in a decorative box.

How do you store your ribbons?  I would love to see your storage ideas for ribbons and other craft supplies!

Thanks for reading!  Enjoy your crafting!     ~~~Vickie


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