‘R’ is for Road Trip!

Alligator, banana, cat, Dog the bounty hunter, egg McMuffin, fireworks, gorilla,, HäagenDazs  ice cream…

This is the result of my family’s recent road trip to central Washington.  You see, prior to iPhones, gameboys, and other tech toys, we had to invent silly car games to keep everyone occupied.

On the road again!

   My 88 year old mother-in-law suggested playing the alphabet game.  You start off with a word and add items that start with the letters of the alphabet, a goofy, yet fun (and frustrating) memory game.

She started the sentence…”I am going to the desert and I am taking an alligator.” The next person repeats the sentence, and adds another item that starts with a ‘b’, and you continue through the alphabet.

Here are the words and phrases we came up with:

Alligator, banana, cat, Dog the bounty hunter, egg McMuffin, fireworks, gorilla,  HäagenDazs ice cream, ink pad, Jersey Boys cast album, kangaroo with a pouch, Liliana, marching band, no-fault ins policy, octopus, plutonium, Quonset  hut,  radiation detector, safety goggles, transformer, unicorn, van, watch, Xavier, yellow jacket, Zorba the Greek script.

My son decided to make it more challenging by adding phrases — he came up with Dog the bounty hunter!  He won the game, of course.  It was very crazy game and we all laughed a lot.  It did help make the trip seem shorter.

F is for fireworks
W is for watch!

   This is a fun and creative memory game that can be played anywhere, especially with kids. (Some of us never grow up or tire from games!)   There are so many other car games to play:

  • Find the most out of state license plates
    • Zip!  (Say zip for the cemeteries you see.)
    • Locating letters on road signs and billboards

What games do you remember playing on your road trips?  We may need a new game to play on our next car trip –I need a game that isn’t so taxing on my rememberer!

Thanks for reading!  ~~Vickie Horsfall


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