Another ‘Stash’ Solution

Most creative people have a large collection of miscellaneous supplies:  left-over scraps (fabric or paper), yarns and threads, buttons and bows (also a title of a very old song), and other items from projects ( finished or still in-progress).

I still have odds and ends of various supplies from school and scouting projects that my two sons completed– from several years ago! I am one of those people who keep all these things, thinking I will be able to put them to good use one day.  Well, after several years of stashing these items away in my many bins, I found a use for some shiny confetti shaped like leaves.  I couldn’t tell you why I had these, but I did find a use for them.  I have used a couple of them as embellishments on some handmade cards, but still have so many left.  I was creating some cards for the Fall season, when it struck me that I could use them to make a wreath.

Wreath leaves
Wreath Circle Size
Back of wreath
Back of wreath

Cut a 3 ” circle, then cut out a 2″ circle from the first circle, which will make a circle ring.  Attach a small adhesive dot to the back of the leaf and place on circle ring.  Continue putting the leaves on the circle until the wreath is complete.


Completed Wreath

I used this wreath as the centerpiece for a ‘Just for You’ Fall card that can be given to the hostess of an upcoming Harvest Dinner.  It could also be used as a place card at a Thanksgiving dinner table or put over the top of a wine bottle for a hostess gift.  I’m sure many of you are already thinking of other ways to use this idea, even using other embellishments.  (The holidays are around the corner!)

handmade Wreath
Fall Handmade Wreath Card
Wine bottle with Fall Leaves Wreath
Wine presented with Fall Wreath

What have you created from supplies you have in your stash?  I would love to see what you have made.

Thanks for visiting my blog!     ~~~Vickie Horsfall


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