Stash Solutions: Another Way to Use Paper Scraps

I love to use the double-sided crafting papers. I am using Graphic45 papers, one of my favorites, in this demonstration.   The colors are already coordinated and easy for me to use in creating my handmade greeting cards.  Since these  usually cost a bit more than single-sided papers, I really try to use every piece.  Here is a clever way to use the scraps~~make your own patterned papers!  It is not complicated, and you will love the results.  I need to thank my friend, Sharon, for showing me this technique!

It is really easy, and I hope I don’t make it sound too complicated as I try to explain it.   Hopefully, the pictures will help you see what I am trying to tell you.  So, here goes!

A piece of cardboard cut into a strip about 1/8″  wide and aproximately  8″ long will be your ‘spacing tool’ for this project.

Cut strips of your scrap papers.  I cut these into strips about 1/2′ wide.

Select coordinating papers
Put adhesive next to spacing tool
Adhere paper strip, trim edges

Take a piece of cardstock to use as the base for your project.  Make sure it is a color that will match your scrap strips.    Since I am making cards, my base is 5′ x 4′.  Take your pre-made ‘spacing tool’ and place it diagonally across your base paper, matching the corners.



Put adhesive next to the spacing tool and place one strip of paper on base.  Trim edges of paper strip.  (Keep the shorter strips, as you can use those at the corners.)

Move spacing tool, continue pattern, reversing sides of paper strips
Complete pattern on bottom of base
Trim edges, if needed, to complete base of card

Move spacing tool to the other side of the strip you just attached, apply adhesive and another strip of paper.  (Make sure the patterns are all going in the same direction.)   Trim edges and continue until card is covered with the scrap paper strips.




Turn base paper over and trim edges.  Now you have a custom made patterned paper base to use as you wish!

I added ribbon, then attached it to my card!
I used more strips on the inside!

Here is the finished card, along with another one I used with different paper scraps.

I added some baker’s twine to this card







If you use this method for double sided papers, you can flip each strip for a more coordinated look.  Of course, you can also use this technique for one sided paper scraps.  Changing the widths of the strips and the spacing between them will be another way to create interesting and different patterns!  You can even just apply the strips to half of your card, or just at the edges.  Horizontal and vertical strips will also make a great base.   Making a smaller base will help you use up smaller scraps of papers.  The possibilities are endless!

I hope you enjoyed learning about this technique!  I would love to hear and see what you have created using this method!  We are always sharing new ideas in our creative world!

Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog!  I hope you enjoy your day!   ~~~Vickie


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