Use Ribbon to Make Leaves and Stems

(This was previously posted in 2012 and I hope it was helpful to you. Have you created something with ribbons lately?)

I was creating a card the other day, when I realized I was out of a certain shade of green paper  to make my leaves and stem that would match the floral paper I was using as a base for my card.  Since I was in a creative mood and didn’t want to make a trip to my local craft supply store, I thought about what else I could use to make the leaves and a flower stem.  Off to my ‘stash’ I went, once again.  My first thought….could I use the ribbon to make the leaves and stem?

Well, it turns out I could!  The flower I had made for this card was from a stamp that I cut out.  Since the edges were black, I found some green ribbon that also had black edges.  Perfect!


How to use ribbon to make leaves and stems
Use tiny ‘Dots’ to make leaves and attach to stem


The ribbon was 1/8 inch wide and I  cut a piece about 3 inches long to use as my stem.  I cut two pieces for my leaves, each about 2 inches long.    I put a tiny glue dot on one end of the ribbon and folded it in half to make the leaf. (I just love these little dots!) I made only two leaves, but you can certainly make more, depending on your project..


Using Ribbon to make leaves
Cut ribbon for stem and leaves


I put another Glue Dot on the end of the  front of the finished leave, and attached it behind the ribbon stem on an angle, so it would look like a leaf.  I did the same thing with the other leaf.  I had to trim off a tiny bit of the edge of my leave, since I could see it on the other side of the stem. That was easy to do.


Make leaves and stems from ribbon
Attach stem with leaves to card


I added a few pieces of  1/8 inch Miracle Tape adhesive  on the back of the stem, and attached it to my card.  My stamped and hand cut flower was ready to attach to the stem!  I added a ‘popped’ Thank You greeting and my card was complete!

How to use ribbon the make leaves and stems
Attach flower to stem. I also added a ”Thank You’ greeting to my card!


Looking through my ribbon collection, I thought about how I could also use the tiny rick rack as a flower stem.  Since you use short pieces of ribbon for this project, it is a great way to use up left-over ribbons!  If you are like me, I try to use every piece of paper, ribbon and other items when I am creating a card.

I hope you enjoyed reading about how you can use ribbons to make leaves and stems for your next floral project.   There are endless varieties of ribbons and I love using them in so many of my projects. 

What are some of the ways you use short pieces of ribbons in your projects?  I hope you will share you ideas with me.  Creating, sharing, having fun…..that’s what it’s all about!

I appreciate you visiting my blog.


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