Creating A New Craft Room!

“Hey mom, you can turn my bedroom into a craft room!” He kept telling me this weeks before he moved out. (Perhaps he thought it would help me in dealing with his leaving; he is very thoughtful.)

I have a corner unit hutch that held my craft supplies and provided a workspace in our family room for creating my handmade greeting cards. Well, as many of you know, I eventually outgrew my space. A bittersweet event came along….my youngest son moved out of his room to continue his studies at UCSC.

Well, it took about two weeks before my husband and I found ourselves at Ikea. We found storage units and a table top to give me a wonderful workspace to create my cards. (The prices of the new items were also very reasonable!) I am so thankful for such a supportive husband. He put the drawers and table legs together and I was ready to transfer my supplies to my new room!

Re-purposing Corner unit in craft room
The red pillow is for my four-legged friend!
Using old student desk
My son’s old student desk found a new life!

Organizing Craft workspace
Plenty of room for me to create my handmade cards!





This was also a great time to do some craft supply housekeeping! It is amazing how many things I have accumulated over the years. Lots of supplies were leftovers from my Creative Memory scrapbooks I made for my two sons several years ago. It was such a great feeling to sort through everything and find a new home for them. Supplies are so much more organized now — after a few days and hours! I am still in the process of getting some items stored, and the decorating will be another fun task to tackle! If you are like me, I am constantly reorganizing!

Organizing a craft room
My ‘Creative’ Space’

I have been on the lookout for ideas for craft rooms. I was really impressed with the ideas that Karen had on her blog Sew Many Ways. She has created a beautiful room for her to create her lovely items!

I also love to quilt, but previously had no where to put my sewing machine. It was also a hassle to keep my sewing fabrics and supplies on my dining room table. After a few days of looking at it, I had to put it away. Now I have a room for sewing too!

This is just the beginning of designing my ‘Creative Room.’ I will be changing and reorganizing many things, but at least I have a relaxing place to create my handmade cards. I put in a movie or music to listen to when I create; it takes me to another world!

I hope I gave you some ideas you can use. What are some ideas you have for your creative space? I would love to see and hear about what you have done!

I appreciate that you took some time to visit my blog! I hope you enjoy your day!


See some of the cards I have created in my creative room at HorseMark Cards.


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