Making a Christmas Tree with Paper Strips

I intended to start making holiday cards the other night, but found that I could not get into the holiday spirit. A bit of inspiration was needed for me to begin creating my Holiday cards.

I browsed through some of my craft magazines and found a Christmas tree made from paper circles layered in the shape of a tree. It was cute, but still didn’t appeal to me at the time. I went searching through my supplies and papers, hoping an idea would appear. My Christmas papers and stamps are in a separate container and I found several smaller pieces of papers that I had saved from prior years. (I keep so many paper scraps, especially the double-sided papers. Too nice to toss.) I looked in the bottom drawer of my craft supply table and found my decorative scissors. Humm…what could I do with these? The cute circle Christmas tree idea suddenly appealed to me, but in a different way!

I decided to change the ‘circles’ into ‘strips’, and this Christmas tree idea became my inspiration. First, I needed to make a tree base pattern, which I made from a piece of cardboard 2 1/2 inches wide at the bottom. I traced the edges of the base pattern onto green card stock, then cut it out. I found some scraps of Christmas paper and used my decorative scissors to trim the edges. I cut them into strips about 2 inches long and 1/4 inch wide.

Using paper scraps to make Christmas Tree
Some supplies you will need
Using paper scraps to make Christmas tree
Cut edges of paper with decorative scissors, then cut into strips
Using paper scraps to make Christmas Tree
Put strips on tree base, if you start at the top








Making Christmas Tree from paper scraps
Continue layering strips to bottom of base
How to make trees from paper scraps
You can also start at the bottom; allow strips to hang slightly below bottom of base
Making Christmas tree from paper strips
Add embellishments and attach tree trunk, using adhesive strip










I put a tiny glue Dot on the end of one strip and attached it to the center top of the tree base. I attached two more strips on each edge of the tree top, allowing them to overhang from the tree base. I continued to layer the strips of papers until I reached the bottom of the tree. I made the second tree starting from the bottom, which I found to be a bit easier.


Handmade Christmas Tree card
This is the first card I made using the Christmas Tree!
Handmade Christmas Tree Card
I used left-over strips for the base of the tree!
Handmade Christmas Tree card
I also colored the gold circle stickers on the tree with a red Sharpie pen.










I used a red Sharpie pen to color the gold circle stickers to decorate the trees. The Merry Christmas stickers I had were also gold, and I felt a red one would look better on my card—red Sharpie to the rescue! (I use Sharpie pens to color many of my stickers. I have found that only Sharpie pens work. Other markers’ colors smear.)


Using a Sharpie to color stickers
I colored the gold stickers with a red Sharpie
Coloring stickers with Sharpie pens
Coloring the sticker red makes it pop better than the original gold








This is another way I have found to use smaller pieces of crafting papers to make something different. I am looking forward to making more trees, even adapting this idea for a regular tree and putting a tiny bird, fruit, or flowers on it. Just having it be a plain tree would also be nice. There are so many other applications I am anxious to try. But first, I need to get busy making more Christmas and Holiday cards!

Thank you for taking the time to read this – I hope you enjoyed it. What do you think about this idea? Would you make this tree?

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6 thoughts on “Making a Christmas Tree with Paper Strips

  1. I love how creative you are Vickie! I do not have that much of an imagination. You are probably a very patient lady too I would think.

    That’s the cutest little tree. I love that. I’m not much of a craft person but I will admit that’s adorable. Thank you for showing us how you did that.


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