Creating with a Cookie Cutter!

I have been very busy making my handmade Christmas cards and enjoying it so much. This afternoon, I found some wonderful paper from Moxxie leftover from last year that had different Christmas cookie cutters printed on it. I didn’t have a stamp of a gingerbread man, but I remembered I had a cookie cutter (I never used him for cookies) of one that was the perfect size for a card!

Cookie cutter for gingerman
I traced the cookie cutter to make a cardboard pattern.

So, I took the cookie cutter and traced him on some lightweight cardboard so I would have a pattern. I used the cardboard pattern to trace him onto my printed Christmas paper. I put little sparkly stickers for his eyes, nose, and smile. He had to have a bow of course, so I found some Christmas ribbon that finished his look perfectly!

Christmas Gingerbread Man Handmade Card
I used a Christmas cookie cutter to make this cheerful Gingerbread Man Card!

I am anxious to make more cards like this one, he was so fun to make! This is a short post, but I must be getting back to my creating room! I will be posting more Christmas and Holiday cards to HorseMark Cards today!

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts on this idea!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Enjoy your day!


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