How to Make Layered Flowers!

I love the Prima Donna Petals flower die cuts from My Favorite Things. You can curl the edges of the petals a bit and add some dimension to the layered flowers. I usually use lightweight paper to make these flowers and I love how they look.

layered flowers using die cuts, handmade cards with flowers
This card features the My Favorite Things flower die cut with the curled petals. Very pretty.


When I was creating my handmade Christmas cards, I wanted to use these flower dies using some thicker, foil papers that would add some sparkle to my holiday cards. However, I found that layering the pieces and curling the edges added too much bulk to the card. (Extra bulk adds extra postage for special handling, which I try to avoid.) I love the look of these flowers, so I thought of an easy way to use these dies with thicker papers and not add the extra bulk.


Handmade cards with Flowers using die cuts
Cut two flowers; use one to cut off each petal.
Making flowers using die cuts, layerd flowers
Attach cut petal to flower, using small dot adhesive

I cut two flowers from each of the die cuts I want to use. You will notice there is a gap on the die cut that will be filled when the flower edges are curled and put together. Instead of bringing the edges together, I simply cut a petal from the extra flower and used a tiny glue dot to fill in the gap. You can use the extra petals to add more dimension to the flower too!

Handmade cards with Flowers, birthday card with butterfly
Here is the finished card using the ‘flat flowers’ technique. I love the butterfly!

This particular die-cut package has two types of flowers, which can also be layered. The possibilities are endless! I had fun using different papers to create a variety of flowers. The flower center of this die cut is also fun to use as a separate embellishment. (I used the center flower as a snowflake on some of my holiday cards!)


I have some other ideas for using this die cut that I will share with you in a future post. In the meantime, have some fun using this technique!

What do you think of this idea? Would you use it for your craft projects?

I appreciate that you stopped by to read my blog!

Enjoy your day! ~~~Vickie


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