Handmade Cards to Celebrate a 21st Birthday!

Do you remember when you celebrated your 21st birthday? (Maybe someone refreshed your memory the following day if you had trouble recalling your celebration!) Anyway, either way, when you turn 21 it is another exciting, milestone birthday!
I received a request from a father to make a unique 21st birthday card for his son. This young man is attending a university in hopes of graduating into law school. I wanted to create a birthday card that had a fun, law-related theme that would tie in with the important events of turning 21.

Years ago when my husband and I had our wills and legal documents drawn up, they were bound at the top with a light blue covering. (I don’t even know if they still do this today, but I still used the idea!) Since this card was for a young man living in California, I wanted to make the card as if it were a legal document from the State of California.

card for 21st birthday for law student, birthday card for guys,

I need to give credit to my sons, who gave me some input into this card. They came up with the message from our governor….’Party Hard!’ I used my Happy Birthday embossing folder from my Cuttlebug collection to add some less legal fun to this card! Gold brads, stars, and gold sticker strips added a California gold appeal!

happy birthday embossed card, card for men

When the father received this card he was very pleased and sent me this message, "I received the card for Mitch yesterday, and absolutely loved it! It was very creative, humorous and really hit the high points for a 21 year old. Can't wait to send it." Needless to say, I was very pleased he liked this unique card.

Shortly after creating this ‘Legal Document’, I began to think about the card I would make for my youngest son, who also turned 21 in December. What would be the theme of this special card? I remembered he had wanted to see if he could have his white car painted blue. (Well, we did check into that, but the cost would be more than the value of his car!) Anyway, I thought I could include a blue car on his card.

21st birthday card, root beer, card with a car, cards for men

I really enjoyed creating these two cards to help these young men celebrate a very important birthday. I also have a few more ideas for making unique birthday cards to celebrate 16th, 18th, and 21st birthdays.When I have completed them I will certainly share them with you!

Thank you again for visiting my blog! I would love to hear your comments on these cards and what you have made to celebrate special birthdays! It would be wonderful to make a unique handmade card for you if you have a special celebration coming up! Send me a few details about the person at horsemarkcards@gmail.com

Enjoy your day! ~~~Vickie


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