Make a Handmade Card with a Pocket!

First, you find a hand addressed envelope in your mailbox (mixed in with the junk mail and perhaps an important correspondence), then you open the envelope to find a handmade card sent by someone special. But wait! There’s more! You open it to find a teabag tucked inside with a nice message. Now you are probably smiling and thinking about how thoughtful it was for your friend or loved one to send this to you. Simple things like this can really make a difference in someone’s day.

handmade card, cup of tea, teabag, thank you card,
Thank You card with a teabag inside.
handmade card, cup of tea, teabag, thank you card,
A teabag tucked inside a handmade card!












This is one of the main reasons I enjoy making, (and more importantly, sending) handmade cards. It is so nice to receive something in the mail from a friend, especially when it is unexpected. Here is a way to make a ‘pocket’ card. (I must give credit to my friend, Sharon, for showing me how to make this type of card.)

how to make handmade pocket card, teabag in card
Score a 12″ x 4″ card stock piece 2″ from one end and 4 1/2″ from the other end.
handmade card, cup of tea, teabag, thank you card,
Cut and layer papers for front of card.

I chose a cream paper as my base, and I love this cheery yellow flower paper that I accented with yellow. This paper matches the cute teapot stamp set I just got from Our Craft Lounge.
First, cut a piece of card stock that is 12″ long and 4″ wide. Score 2″ from one end and 4 1/2″ from the opposite end. Fold shorter edge (bottom), then fold longer portion (top) over top of lower edge.



I cut two pieces of yellow cardstock, one for the top portion and bottom portion of the closed card, leaving about 1/8 inch border on the top and sides. I also cut my flower paper, also leaving a 1/8′ border. I punched two flowers in the top corners of the larger top portion of the printed paper, and I punched two flowers at the bottom of the lower portion of my printed paper. Now you can adhere the printed papers on the yellow card stock so the yellow punches can ‘peek’ through the paper.

Now you can attach the smaller flower piece to your card, carefully matching the end edges. Close the top portion of your card and carefully attach the larger flower piece, matching the edges with the lower part you just attached.

Open the card so you can measure and cut a piece of yellow card stock that is 3 1/2 inches long and has a 1/8′ inch border from the edges of your card. Punch two flowers at the top and stamp your message on the yellow paper. Attach adhesive to the top and sides; you don’t need adhesive on the bottom edge since it will be covered when the lower pocket is closed over it. Carefully line up the yellow paper to match the edges of the lower pocket and attach to the card base.

handmade card, cup of tea, teabag, thank you card,
Hold down bottom pocket to confirm the edges of top and bottom are lined up evenly.
handmade card, cup of tea, teabag, thank you card, handmade pocket card
Put adhesive on back of inside message card. No adhesive is needed for the bottom edge, since it will be covered when the pocket is closed.
handmade card, cup of tea, teabag, thank you card,making a pocket card
Hold down bottom pocket so you can line up the edges evenly when attaching the message card.












handmade card, cup of tea, teabag, thank you card, handmade pocket card
Put 1/2′ double-sided adhesive on sides of lower pocket. Carefully close pocket, matching edges.
making handmade cards, handmade card with pocket,
I inserted my scoring tool from the Envelope Maker to add a bit of room in my pocket.



I used 1/2′ miracle tape on both sides of the pocket. (Make sure your adhesive isn’t longer than the pocket once it is closed.) I placed my scoring tool in the center so there would be a bit of space in the pocket. Carefully line up one edge at a time, matching edges and secure the pocket on your card.










handmade card, cup of tea, teabag, thank you card,
Make a small cut along teacup rim so thread can be inserted
using floss threaders for crafts, emboidery threads,
Use floss threaders and embroidery thread to make teabag string
handmade cards using floss threaders, teacup cards
Use a dental floss threader to pull embroidery thread through teacup rim.










I stamped this cute teacup on the cream card stock and colored the flower petals. I cut a small slip on the edge of the teacup stamp so I could add a teabag. I used a small piece of embroidery thread and threaded it through the slit using a dental floss tool as my threader. (I must admit, I use these more in my craft room than on my teeth.) I left about an inch of thread on the front and secured the end of the thread on the back. I used yellow card stock to add a border on my teacup and stamp ‘enjoy’. I ‘popped’ the ‘enjoy’ greeting on the end of my teabag. I also ‘popped’ the teacup on the front of the card, placing it slightly to one side of the card.

handmade cards, using sticker dots, flower centers
Use the small left-over dots from stickers for flower centers.
handmade card, cup of tea, teabag, thank you card,
Attach the ‘Enjoy’ stamp to the teabag string.



Now the fun part! I added tiny sparkly dots to the centers of my punched flowers and on the centers of the flowers on my stamped teacup. I also used some cooking twine to tie around the top portion of the card. I used 22′ of twine so I would have plenty of wiggle room to tie my bow. (Making bows is not my best talent.) You can probably use a shorter length of twine or ribbon if you are better at making bows.





Now you can add your message to the inside of the card, insert a teabag and send it off to someone special! This can be used as a Thank You Card, but it would also make a wonderful Get Well or Thinking of You Card. You could even add an individual package of hot chocolate, hot apple cider or any other ‘thin’ treat you can think of instead of the teabag. Of course, you can also tuck a gift card into the pocket!





using stamps, teapot stamps, thank you stamps, handmade cards
I used these ‘Tea Time’ stamps from Our Craft Lounge.


I hope you enjoyed reading about making this special ‘pocket’ card. Enjoy your ‘Creative’ Day!

I am sure you know someone who would love to receive one of these cards! What would you tuck into this pocket card?

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! ~~~Vickie Horsfall


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