Sewing Box Creations!

How many times have you discovered something you forgot about while organizing or cleaning out a drawer or closet? We all know the answer to that question. Well, while I was organizing my craft room, (another thing we always seem to be doing), I came across my sewing box.

My poor, neglected sewing box. 😦 I used it several years ago when I made a few quilts, but it has only recently been used to sew on the occasional button or hem something. I decided to peek inside and found wonderful hidden treasures. Rick rack, piping, lace seam binding, zippers, buttons, regular seam binding, bias tape, snaps, ‘hooks and eyes,’and the list goes on!

What caught my eye was some beautiful double lace ribbon in pink and white. I knew immediately how I could us this incredible find. You know how I like to use different items as embellishments on my handmade cards. This is what I would like to share with you today!

I had these wedding patterns with my craft supplies and decided to use the wedding dress as the base for my sewing box creation.

wedding patterns, two hearts, tuxedo pattern
Wedding patterns
wedding dress, wedding patterns
I used white card stock to make my dress base.
using glue dots, ribbon as straps,
Fold ribbon straps and attach to dress base.








Cut two 1 1/4″ pieces of ribbon to use as dress straps. Use a tiny glue dot at one end of each ribbon, fold over and adhere. On back of dress base, attach the ribbon straps with another glue dot.
Since I wanted the lace to peek through at the bottom, I cut a portion of my base pattern to make it shorter.

weddidng dress pattern, ribbon straps
I cut the bottom portion so the lace could peek through at the bottom.
lace, patterns, using lace
Cut 2 sections of lace slightly longer than pattern
making lace dress, using lace
Wrap lace around base as shown. Adhere on back and center front.


lace, dress, wedding dress,
Add top layer of lace, and tie ribbon to make waist.
using glue dots, ribbon, dress
Attach glue dot in middle of 3″ ribbon, fold over to adhere.
ribbon sash, dress with lace
Attach folded ribbon to front of dress for sash.

using gemstones, embellishments, sash
I attached two tiny gemstone embellishments to the sash.

I made this dress with ribbon straps, but it also looks great as a strapless dress too! This can also be used as an embellishment on a wrapped wedding or shower gift! I attached this dress to a card I made for a wedding, but it can also be used for an anniversary card. This can also be used to help celebrate a ‘Sweet 16’ or other special events. How exciting for a little girl to receive this little ‘princess dress’ on a card or your craft project!

weddding dress card, lace wedding card
I used this wedding dress to make a special card.


I enjoyed making this lace dress and will make more, since I have lots of this beautiful lace. I am excited to see what else I can create with the other treasures I discovered in my sewing box and share them with you! I can leave you with a hint…..use the rick rack as stems and leaves on flowers!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. What do you think of this lace wedding gown?

Enjoy your creative day! ~~~Vickie


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