Leapin’ Lizards! (Oops, Make that Frogs!)

“Never try to catch two frogs with one hand.” – Chinese Proverb



frog quilt, blue quilt, quilting

Lately I have been visiting blogs where so many creative people have shown the beautiful quilts they have made. I must admit, it has been about three years since I made my last quilt, but the quilting bug has bitten me! I am a novice quilter, but I did want to share a quilt I made about 14 years ago.

frog quilt, frogs, quilting, quilting blocks, green quilt
This is the quilt I made for my youngest son. Can you guess what he loved at the time!

I began collecting quilting fabrics that included frogs, since my youngest son was so interested in frogs at the time. (We even had an aquarium for his tree frogs. They ate live crickets, which did not please me at all, since I am terrified of crickets. The things we moms do for our children!) Anyway, since I was new to quilting I stuck with simple squares to make this special gift for my son.

square quilts, green quilt, yellow quilt, frog quilts
Each finished square is five inches.
quilting, square quilts, frog quilts, green quilt
I used simple squares and a few triangle squares of little frog fabric.
green quilt, frog quilt, quilts
I love the dark green and printed fabric on these squares.

frog quilt, quilts, colorful frogs,
I had to piece the back to fit the front of my quilt.

I loved the green colors, and then found this beautiful blue background fabric with colorful frogs that I just had to have! I got a bit carried away with the front of the quilt, so I had to piece the blue backing. (The finished size of the quilt is 49″ x 58″.) I decided to use this fabric for the back for two reasons. One, the frog print was larger and didn’t match the smaller frogs on the front. Also, the primary colors of the quilt front were green and the blue would be too contrasting. My son loved this ‘reversible’ quilt once it was completed! (He’s 21 now and still loves it!)

I used a simple pattern to quilt this; I am not even sure what the name of it is. I remember I made a pattern of this ‘long oval/tear drop’ stitch with a piece of cardboard to mark my fabric. (I told you I am a novice at quilting!) This was the second quilt I made. (My first quilt was made for my eldest son, about 15 years ago. I will share that with you soon!)

I hope to make more quilts soon. I know I will probably be making a couple of baby quilts, since I have two nephews that will be getting married this year! There are so many creative things to make….and so little time!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed seeing this special quilt I made with love for my youngest son.

Enjoy your Creative Day!



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