Let’s Get Up & Go!

Black & white music chair
This cute ‘music’ chair s one of my sitting places.


When I create my handmade cards, I am sitting at my work station. When I am composing my blog posts, I am sitting at my computer. When I am updating my facebook page and twitter postings, I am sitting. Ok. You get the idea. There is a lot of sitting that happens around my house. Luckily, since I work at home, I am able to take short breaks and get off my ‘sitter’ and onto my feet. I have found simple ways to stop sitting and get a bit of exercise throughout the day. I know I need more ‘get up and go’ in my days!

Not only does it feel good to move a bit, but I think short breaks help my creative mood. If I get stuck with an idea for a card, I can take a break to do something else, like:

My ‘creative’ room is upstairs, so at least I get a bit of exercise letting my two dogs in and out of the house by way of the 15 steps I need to travel to get to the backdoor. (It just dawned on me that it is a 30-step round trip, and I travel that route many times a day!)

stairs in home, with ceramic dog at top
Up, down, Up, down….these stairs are used many times a day!

My washer and dryer are frequently used, so laundry is something that gets me up and down the stairs for another break from sitting.

Laundry bleach and detergent
I put my bleach higher on the shelf so I have to stretch a bit to reach it!

I am also a guest teacher, so when I teach first, second, or third grade….well, need I say more? Sitting? What’s that?

There are many ways we can accomplish little tasks and get a bit of exercise along the way. Walk your dog (and you!), clean a mirror, empty your trash baskets, change your AC/Heater filter, do a quick chore. Dust a light fixture…anything that makes you reach and stretch. I even put things I use often on a higher shelf so I have to stretch a bit to reach it!

ceramic dog with red bandana
Dust this dog…..
white poodle dog
…or walk this dog!


We are usually thinking of other things when doing something…that’s part of our creative DNA! If you’re like me, I use up extra steps when I walk into a room and forget why or what I was going to get or do! (Senior moments is an entirely separate blog! Hopefully I will remember to post that at a later date!)

I know we all do not have the luxury of working at home, but working in an office also presents opportunities to take a quick break. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator, standing up and stretching or moving around while you’re on the phone. Stand up and bend down to reach a file or open a drawer instead of doing it from your chair. I’m sure you can think of many other little ways to get a bit of exercise in your office while also being productive.

This is my contribution to fitting in a bit more ‘get up and go’ into our lives this year. Just a bit at a time! This also ties in with what I am going to try this year…taking things a little at a time so I am not overwhelmed with all the things I have to do. I think I will be more productive and less stressed.

I hope your days are filled with lots of creativity, less stress, (they say some stress is actually good for us…not sure who ‘they’ are!), enjoyable times with family and friends, and good health. Just remember to keep moving and ‘get up and go’ when you can! I must also share a saying my dear grandpa always said after a hard day’s work, “My Get-up and Go, Got up and Went!”

You are probably sitting as you read this now, but when you finish, where will you ‘get up and go’ to?

handmade thank you card with red tulips and cloud



Enjoy your Creative Day! ~~~Vickie


2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Up & Go!

    1. Terri,
      The music chair actually belongs to my youngest son who is away at college. I will miss it when he decides to take it! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment on my blog. Wnjoy your weekend! ~~~Vickie

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