How Can Leaves Turn Into Tulips?


It’s not magic, but you can turn leaves into a beautiful tulip flower!


I am always looking for alternate ways to use some of my crafting supplies. I love the die cuts from My Favorite Things Di-namics die collection! I would get them all, but that is not practical in my real world. (But I can dream in my creative world!) So, as an alternative, I have found another new way to use one of their die cuts.

flower die cuts, making tulips from leaves, using embroidery threads
The leaf die cut become petals, embroidery thread becomes stem & leaves

I have a large collection of embroidery threads that I have not touched in a few years. I loved to cross stitch, but now that my eyes are not as sharp as they used to be, I decided that cross stitching was not going to be happening again. However, you know me, I am not about to let my collection of colorful embroidery threads go to waste! I have found another way to use them in making my cards.

There are so many pretty papers and good card stock papers that end up in smaller pieces….yes, the scraps of our creativity! I am rarely able to toss these small papers so I am always looking for way to use these. This leaf die cut is about one inch long, so it is perfect to cut from smaller papers.

tulip flowers from leaves, using die cuts, making handmade cards
Cut three leaves for each tulip, attach 2 at bottom, then the 3rd in the center.

I cut 3 leaves for each tulip I wanted from the die cut. Attach a small glue dot on the bottom of one leaf and attached it to another leaf at a slight angle. Take the third leaf and attached it to the middle to create a pretty little tulip flower! The ‘leaf vein’ is embossed on this die cut, and it is perfect to give the flower a bit more dimension.

using embroidery thread, making stems and leaves, tulips
Attach embroidery thread for stem then add a bow for the leaves.

I attached a small glue dot on the back of the base of the flower and attached a piece of embroidery thread to make the stem. Once I attached the tulip and stem to my card, I made a bow out of another piece of embroidery thread. This was perfect for the leaves of my tulip stem!

handmade card with tulips, making paper tulips, paper crafts
I used my tulips to make this card to brighten someone’s day!

I took a piece of white paper with specks of color in it and embossed it with a Cuttlebug folder. This made the perfect base to attach my three tulips! I added the ‘Enjoy Your Day’ sentiment, popped it over a yellow scalloped circle to finish this card.

There are many ways to be creative and economical at the same time. This is a way to use paper scraps; an alternate way to use a die cut; and another use for embroidery threads. That’s almost as good as getting three magic wishes!

These tulips can be used for many kinds of cards ~ Mother’s Day, Birthday, Thank You, Friendship, Sympathy, or a Get Well card. What would you use them for in your creative project? It is so fun to share projects and ideas!

girl holding 'thanks' sign, with flowerI appreciate you visiting my blog!



6 thoughts on “How Can Leaves Turn Into Tulips?

  1. Very cute card and flower! I found you from the Q&A at Sew Many Ways. I responded to your question about sewing machines. I started out quilting and I got into card making several years ago. Two fun hobbies, but I still spend more time quilting. Good luck on your sewing machine quest!

    1. Thank you so much Julie! I ended up ordering a Brother CS6000i. It was reasonably priced and didn’t have a lot of extra features that I know I won’t use. Since I didn’t spend too much $ on it, it leaves room to purchase a higher-end model if I decide to continue sewing a lot in the future. I am keeping my old Penney’s machine; it still works and some old things never seem to wear out! Thanks for the link to the Tilted Quilt, looking forward to browsing more quilting blogs!
      I enjoy making cards so people can keep in touch with each other, and it relaxes me.
      I appreciate you stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Thank you for the idea, especially about using nearly forgotten embroidery floss. 😦 I have several of those that I haven’t used in years, too. I’ll find some use for the green-colored ones, but I’m not sure yet what to use the pink ones on. Have a great day!

    1. You are welcome for the embroidery thread idea. I also use these threads as the strings of balloons on my cards, even pink! I am always looking at different ways to use things. I appreciate you visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a comment. Enjoy your evening and have a great Friday! ~Vickie

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