Creative Knitted Item!


A dear friend of mine, Juanita, has been knitting these cute dish cloths for a long time. She makes them from 100% cotton, so they are just perfect for absorbing water and using in the kitchen. I had her make me some in red to match my kitchen.

knittted dish cloth in different colors
The solid red and red/cream
dish cloths are perfect for my kitchen.

She has given me several others, but in colors that don’t match my kitchen. I have discovered other uses for these! I put one on top of small plates that I put a stack of bowls on in my cupboard….no scratches on my plates!

dish cloth on plates to protect from scratches
I put one on a stack of small plates that I put a stack of bowls on in my cupboard.

knitted dish cloth on plates to protect from scratches
….no scratches on my plates!

I nest them between my skillets to keep them from scratching too!

knitted dish cloths layered on skillets to protect from scratches
These cute dish cloths work great to prevent scratches on stacked skillets!

They have been reincarnated into ‘doilies’ to set under a vase of flowers. I have also used them under frozen containers when they are thawing, they absorb the water and I don’t have a little puddle of water on my counter or refrigerator shelf.

knitted dish cloths placed under a vase
This adds a splash of color when placed under a vase.

knitted dish cloth under soap dispenser
I use one of these knitted dish cloths as a ‘mat’ for my soap dispenser in kitchen.

I need to have her make a few more in colors to match my bathrooms so I can put them under my soap dispensers, it will keep the area a bit dryer. (We have very hard water, so water spots are very annoying!)

I just purchased more yarn so my dear friend can make a few that are a bit smaller so I can use them as coasters!

Lily Sugar'n Cream yarn
This yarn will be used to make coasters for my family room.

I am sure that after I publish this post I will think of another way to use these! What are your thoughts? Can you think of other ways to use these?

Enjoy your Creative Day! ~~Vickie

handmade card with flowers, thank you card
Thank You for visiting my blog. Enjoy your Creative Day!

P.S. The popcorn planter in the picture has tiny sprouts of flowers that I hope will grow into real flowers! My thumbs are not very green!


12 thoughts on “Creative Knitted Item!

  1. Time With Thea

    These are such brilliant ideas! I love it! I have pinned it on ‘My Organizing:Kitchen’ board. Thanks for the inspiration! ~Thea

  2. Anonymous

    Hey Vickie, thanks for your comments and suggestions. Gave me inspiration for myself. You may have to wait several weeks while I incorporate these ideas into my home. Your first right after me. Teehee – Juanita

  3. Beautiful and these are great ideas. I need one for my soap. I don’t knit but I bet the same or similar can be done with crochet.

    ps-thanks for visiting my blog!

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment. I agree that these could probably be crotcheted too. They are great for the soap dispensers…I hate waterspots!
      Hope you had a creative weekend! ~Vickie

  4. The dishclothes that your friend made you are so pretty. What a great use for the extra dishclothes.

    I have knitted dishclothes that I’ve made and love them for washing dishes and I also use them when I need extra hot pads. Something else I’ve done is made them a bit bigger and given them as washclothes with pretty soaps as Pamper Yourself gifts.

    1. What a good idea to make them bigger to use as a washcloth with a gift. I have also used mine as a hotpad too.
      Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a nice comment! I hope you had a nice weekend and enjoy your week.

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