Quilt Made from Toddler Clothes

My eldest son, Ryan, was home for a few days for a wonderful visit. Since he lives in San Francisco and doesn’t have a washer or dryer in his apartment, he makes trips to his nearby laundromat. Every now and then, I ask him to bring his quilt I made him about 10 years ago, so I can launder it. (I can’t imagine how many quarters it would take for him to dry it at the laundromat!)

Quilt made from toddler clothes
I used my son’s jeans and added in a bit of red to match the red stripes in his little pajamas!

I thought I would share photos of his quilt, which was my very first handmade quilt. I had seen quilts made from baby clothes, and even though they are so cute, I wanted to use clothes that would make a quilt my son would actually use. I decided to use his little jeans, shirts, and pajamas he wore as a toddler. Since red was his color growing up, I chose his little blue jeans, and matched them with a pair of pajamas that were blue with stripes of red in them. I added a couple of his little flannel shirts he wore. I think my favorite part of the quilt are the two little jean pockets I put on two of the corners! I can’t believe he was ever that small. (He is 6’1′ now!) I wanted the backing to be soft, so I used red flannel to tie it all together. (The more it is laundered the softer it becomes and it has held up very well.)

Toddler jean pocket on quilt made from clothes
I love the little jean pockets my son used to wear!
Quilt made from toddler clothes with red flannel backing.
The backing of the quilt was made with red flannel as I wanted it to be soft.

Since this was my first quilting experience, I decided to keep it simple by using squares. Once I cut them, I knew I wanted Ryan involved in the process, so I had him put the squares in a pattern he liked.

Looking back, I can’t believe I used denim for my first quilt. I cut the quilting pattern from a piece of cardboard, traced it on the quilt and proceeded to sew it on my old J C Penney sewing machine. Can you imagine my surprise when I got to the middle of the quilt? It was very difficult to fit it in my sewing machine! But, I did it! (The finished quilt is 69″ x 50″. That is a lot of fabric!)

Quilt made from toddler clothes
Toddler pajamas, jeans and shirts made into a quilt!

It made me feel so wonderful that he wanted take it to his dorm when he left for college in 2007. Now that he is out of college, he uses it all the time to keep him warm in his apartment. I am so glad I made it, and even happier that he loves it.

(When I finished Ryan’s quilt, my youngest son wanted his own special quilt! You can see James’ quilt here.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope you have a wonderful, creative day! ~~Vickie

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