Sending a Thank You Card


We can say ‘Thank You’ in person, on the phone, or through a text or e-mail. I believe we should also send a Thank You card. It will show that you took the time to write a little note of thanks and put it in the mail. The person will appreciate the thoughtful way you remembered them!

We all have reasons to thank many people in our lives. If you enjoyed a meal with someone special, then a thank you card is certainly a must! Tell them how much you appreciate their time and efforts.

thank you card with antique place setting, lace and ribbon
A special card to your hostess will be appreciated!

Perhaps a neighbor watched your pets while you were out of town. Surprising them with a thank you card will let them know how much you appreciated that they took special care of your little furry friends while you were gone!

handmade thank you card with cat hold thank you sign
Send a card to your friend to thank them for watching your pets while you were gone.

When you receive a gift from someone, they sure do deserve a special thank you card from you!

thank you card with tulips, clouds and red ribbon
When someone gives you a gift, a Thank You card is a way to show your appreciation!

Thank you card with trees and ribbons
We all know someone who deserves a Thank You card!

thank you card with hats and cane
We all know a guy who deserves a Thank You card!

We are all so busy with our lives, but sometimes we need to remember the old fashioned way to show our appreciation; an actual thank you note! People love to receive something in their home mailboxes besides junk mail and bills. Admit it, you know you would be excited to receive a special card in the mail from a friend! Let’s all remember to take a little time to show how much we appreciate the special people in our lives.

I wish I could send all my blogging friends actual thank you cards! Please know how much I appreciate your encouragement and online friendship!

Enjoy your creative day! ~~~Vickie


4 thoughts on “Sending a Thank You Card

  1. Your cards are so pretty. Thank you cards are still a ‘staple’! I’ve taught my children from early on that they must always send a thank you card to anyone who has given something to them or done something for them. And the appreciation must be expressed in a timely manner! It is an automatic reaction for them now (21 & 18 years old).

    Thank you for posting this!

    1. Jeanna,
      It is so good to know that you have preserved the idea of sending thank you cards with your children. My boys are 21 and 24, and they have also been taught this important lesson. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a wonderful comment!
      Enjoy your weekend! ~Vickie

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