Post-It Notes, Hot Cocoa, and a TeaBag….Really?


What do post-it notes, a teabag, and an individual packet of hot cocoa mix have in common?
Well, they can be tucked inside a handmade greeting card!

handmade thank you card, stamps of house and tree
I used stamps from Darcie’s for this fun card! I love the polka dot ribbon!
Post-it notes inside Thank you cards
I stamped the greeting on a small stack of post-it notes that can be removed.


Sending a get well card with a tea bag or small pack of Kleenex inside will let your friend or family member know you are thinking of them and wish they will feel better soon.

Get well card, using My Favorite Things Stamps
I stamped the robe on patterned paper, hand cut it, and applied it over the cute little girl.
get well card with teabags
A teabag in this card is sure to make anyone feel better!


The added surprise of a package of hot cocoa would also make a young child be excited when they open up their birthday card! What little kid (or big kid) doesn’t love a hot cup of cocoa? Or, you could include a flat fruit snack, gum, or bookmark. (When I teach first and second grade, the students love to use their bookmarks!)

kids birthday card with hot chocolate
A little boy or girl would love to receive this fun card with a special surprise inside!
kids birthday card with hot chocolate
A packet of hot chocolate inside this birthday card is another surprise!


Everyone loves to receive something special in their mailbox. Mailing a gift package can be costly, but sending a card with a little something extra tucked inside will certainly bring a smile to the person receiving it. It can be a gift in itself!

birthday card for women, purses, gift cards
Polka dots make this birthday card fun, plus there is a surprise inside!
birthday card for women, purses, gift cards
What gal wouldn’t love to receive a gift card to shop for her birthday?


Sending a thank you card is something we should always do. (If you don’t, you should!) Imagine finding a special card in your mailbox from someone thanking you for something you did for them. It is easy to make a pocket card like this Thank You card. Click here to see how I made this card.

thank you card, teabags
I love this cute teacup and teabag with yellow paper!
thank you card with teabag
A teabag in this thank you card is perfect!

Why wait for a birthday or special occasion to send a card to someone? Surprise them by sending them a ‘Thinking of You’ or a note card when they least expect it. It will make you feel better and they will certainly appreciate it. What a wonderful way to keep in touch and let someone know your gratitude for having them in your life. Even if you see someone frequently, they would love to find a card with a stamp and their name on an envelope when they sort through the junk mail in their home mailbox. You know they will open the card first!

When you send a friend a note card to let them know you are thinking of them, include a bookmark or a teabag or a small post-it notes stack. How many people can say they received those in the mail?

What would you tuck into a card?

Enjoy your Creative Day!
~ Vickie

thank you card with strawberry, red ribbon,
Thank you for visiting my blog!

14 thoughts on “Post-It Notes, Hot Cocoa, and a TeaBag….Really?

  1. Time With Thea

    As usual, your creativity and your cards are so wonderful! I look forward to seeing each new creation. Take care, Thea

  2. gentlestitches

    What a great idea! I saw a nearby laundromat advertising vouches for busy families! I am thinking of giving one to my friend who has 3 children and making a card with a giant washing basket on the front with a smiling woman sitting on it. Your ideas are a great way to remind people they are loved.

      1. I know what you mean with a little surprise inside the card. You have such a nice content on your blog, so I will visit again to explore it more and leave a few more comments πŸ™‚

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