A Wedding Invitation becomes a Wedding Card!

We received a wedding invitation from Andrew, one of our nephews, and I knew immediately that I would use it to make something very special for him and his new bride!

wedding invitation made into a wedding card
This was the wedding invitation for my nephew and his new bride that I made into their wedding card!

The invitation was ‘wrapped’ in beautiful paper in shades of tiffany blue, white, and gold. (The wedding and reception were beautiful with the decorations in these colors!) There was also a tiny blue ribbon tied around their elegant invitation.

I wanted to create a special wedding card for Andrew and his new bride, Diana. Their wedding invitation became part of my ‘supplies’ for making their card.

wedding invitation made into a wedding card
I used the invitation paper, ribbon, and part of the printed invitation to make their wedding card.

Since Diana loves to photograph flowers, I decided to die cut some flowers from the invitation paper. I used one of my favorite die cuts.  I added tiny gems for the centers of the flowers. I also punched their names from the invitation to use on the front of the card. I accented the edges of the white cardstock with blue chalk. (I used a tiny piece of the paper to cover their last name, that’s not part of the card. :))

I was so happy that I had enough of the beautiful paper to use on the inside of their wedding card!

wedding invitation made into a wedding card
I had enough invitation paper to include on the inside of this special wedding card.

I enjoyed creating this lovely wedding card for two very special people. I hope Andrew and Diana will love it too!

The wedding was such a lovely event, set on the shores of Seattle, with perfect weather! The reception was so fun, and the couple’s first dance was very special!

  Diana & Andrew... a very special couple!
Diana & Andrew…
a very special couple!

Another member of our family also wanted me to make a special wedding card for Andrew and Diana. I had some luxury paper in shades of blue that I used for their card. Since the invitation said, ‘and happily ever after to follow’, I had the perfect stamp for the sentiment!

Wedding card in blue with rings & ribbon
I used the ‘Happily Ever After’ message on this wedding card, since it was also on their invitation.

I used ribbon to attach two wedding rings to complete the front of the card. (The rings would require extra postage if the card was mailed, but I knew it was going to be given with a gift at the reception.)

I added a personal message on the inside of the card. (I wish I had thought to ask for another invitation so I could create a different wedding card for Diana and Andrew, but we still have three more nephews and our two sons that are not married yet!)

Wedding card in blue with rings & ribbon
A simple message for love and happiness to the new couple!

One of the reasons I enjoy creating handmade cards is to make something that is original and will be appreciated by the recipient. When I create cards for family and friends, it becomes very special for me to give them something meaningful.
I hope I have achieved that with these two wedding cards.

(We also have another nephew getting married soon! I will post the cards I made for Dustin and Shelby after their wedding!)

Enjoy your creative day!

~~ Vickie

squirrel thank you card with leaf and ribbon
I appreciate you visiting my blog!
Enjoy your creative day!
~~ Vickie

15 thoughts on “A Wedding Invitation becomes a Wedding Card!

  1. Diana

    Wow, Vickie! It looks so amazing!!! You are so talented!!!! I remember that we got a wonderful card from you, I liked rings so much!!! I am so lucky to be a part of talented family!;)

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