Wedding Quilt Will Travel!


Several projects have been keeping me busy, and this one I am about to share with you will be traveling around our world in the years to come! Remember when I teased you with some fabrics on one of my previous posts? Well, I can finally explain why I chose some of these fabrics!

fabrics for quilt, travel, photography
These fabrics were chosen for a reason!

The travel fabric was the first choice when I decided to make a quilt for my nephew, Andrew, and his new bride, Diana. This wonderful couple has traveled to so many places around the globe, so this fabric was perfect! Since Andrew is in the Army, naturally a bit of Army fabric had to be included in this quilt!

Travel, Army, flowers, and birds are included in this quilt block.
Travel, Army, flowers, and birds are included in this quilt block.

The fabric with bits of turquoise in it has beautiful flowers, birds, and images of postage stamps. Since Diana is a fantastic photographer and has captured beautiful flowers in her works, I felt this fabric should also become part of their quilt. Since they have also been apart, the images of postage stamps seemed appropriate. (It reminded me of keeping in touch with loved ones through actual letters that were sent. In these days, of course, Diana and Andrew used today’s technology to communicate while they were apart.) This fabric was also chosen since the colors blended well with the travel fabric.

The other fabrics were chosen to complete the quilt and bring all the different fabrics together. Here is the finished quilt I made them for their recent wedding! (Oh my! I didn’t realize how wrinkled the quilt was when I took this picture. 😦 ) The finished size of this quilt was 40″ by 60″ ~~ the perfect ‘cuddle’ size!

quilt made with travel fabric
The travel quilt I made for my nephew and his new bride!

I decided to ‘wrap’ their quilt in a decorative gift box that matched the color of their quilt. I didn’t care for the bow that came on the front of the box, so I added a tag tied with a ribbon.

using decorative boxes for gifts
The wedding quilt was wrapped in this decorative box!

I also made a special card that I tucked inside the gift box. (I prefer to put the cards inside the gifts so they don’t get lost in the shuffle.) Their wedding invitation was made into their wedding card, which you can see here.

Diana and Andrew were pleased to receive this special quilt. Since their future will take them many places, I think this ‘Travel Wedding Quilt’ is perfect for this very special couple!

I enjoyed making this quilt, and their wedding cards, and am so happy that I can finally share them with you too!

Enjoy your Creative Day!

~~ Vickie

handmade card with flowers, thank you card
Thank You for visiting my blog. Enjoy your Creative Day!

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