Baseballs, Flowers & Butterflies!

Once again, I am pleased to be able to finally share another one of my projects that I had to keep secret until now! Remember this sneak peek teaser I posted a few weeks ago? The fabric choices may have seemed a bit odd, but now I can explain why I chose baseballs and butterflies!

quilt with baseball, butterfly, and flower fabrics
These fabrics may seem an odd choice, but I will explain them later!

We recently had two nephews celebrate their weddings in the Seattle area. I knew right away I wanted to make each couple a ‘cuddle’ quilt for them to enjoy. First, I made a quilt for our nephew, Andrew and his new bride, Diana. You can see the quilt I made for them HERE.

I made this quilt for another nephew, Dustin and his new bride, Shelby. He has always been interested in baseball ever since he knew what a baseball was, so I knew the quilt had to include baseball fabric! Shelby likes pastel colors and the beautiful outdoors, so the flowers and butterflies fabrics were chosen for her. They seemed to go together, along with the tan fabrics I used for the backing and borders on the quilt blocks.

quilt made from baseball fabric, butterfly fabric, flowers
baseball, butterflies, & flowers were combined to make a special quilt

I made several blocks using the various fabrics, but wanted each block to mean something. Some blocks had the baseball and tan fabrics, to show Dustin’s love of baseball. Another block had flowers and butterflies to show Shelby’s love of pastels and pretty things. I also combined some of these fabrics to show that they have now combined their lives along with the things they love most. (Perhaps I ‘think’ too much when I make things.) The rest of the blocks were arranged to balance out the fabrics and make it look better. (I hope I achieved that!)

I like to wrap gifts in decorated gift boxes. There are so many beautiful designs to choose from, and they make wonderful storage boxes after the gift is opened. I didn’t care for the bow that was on the front of the box I chose for this special quilt, so I removed it. It left two small holes, which I decided to cover with an extra flower I had made for their wedding card. I attached a special gift tag on the outside with ribbon. I also like to put the wedding card inside the boxed gift, that way it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

fabric flower on decorative box
I used an extra fabric flower I made for their wedding card to cover the holes in the front of the box.

gift tags on decorative boxes
I attached a tag to the outside of the gift box and included the card inside.

I also used some of these fabrics to make them a special wedding card. You can see how I created their card here.

fabric flowers on wedding card
I used fabric from the quilt to make flowers on their wedding card.

Since I have never taken a quilting class, I am not fancy with my designs. My primary goal is to make a quilt for special people in my life that I hope will enjoy for years to come. It was wonderful to see this very special couple and the love they share. I hope they spend many years with this ‘cuddle’ quilt. Congratulations again, Dustin & Shelby!

Once again, I thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you enjoy the ideas I have shared.

Enjoy your Creative Day! ~ Vickie

card with house stamped and baker's twine bow
I appreciate you following my blog! Enjoy your Day!

2 thoughts on “Baseballs, Flowers & Butterflies!

  1. Time With Thea

    I must have missed something while I have been following you. I didn’t know you were a quilter too. I so admire and respect your high level of talent and creativity. What a brilliant idea for a quilt. It is beautiful and I love the colours and the eclectic theme. I have made a few quilts over the years and it is such a passion for me. Unfortunately, I have been so busy with other stuff in my life, Now that I am retired I am hoping to return to it once the weather turns cold. Again, I am sooo impressed. ~Thea

    1. Thea, Thank you so much for the wonderful comment! I have always enjoyed sewing and other craft projects and try to sneak in various projects when I am not creating my cards. I can just imagine what beautiful quilts you have made, judging from your other projects I have seen and read about. I do hope you will share them once you settle in to your retirement. Enjoy your day and thank you!
      ~~ Vickie

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