Making Cards for Guys

It is always fun to create a card for a new baby or a little child’s birthday, and I have love making cards for the gals! Making holiday cards is almost overwhelming, as I have so many ideas on what to include on each card. Sympathy cards are a bit more difficult to create, since I want to make sure I make it just right for the person who will receive it. But, I think the most challenging cards to create are cards for guys. I’m talking about any guy over twelve years of age.

Creating a birthday card for a guy usually starts with the paper. The colors I tend to use are browns, greens, dark yellows, black, and dark blues. The printed papers usually don’t include flowers or cute little animals. Stripes, argyle prints, and some printed papers that are more vintage are what I like to use. I have also used some of the printed papers with themes and things that guys really like…sports, adult beverages, sports, cars, sports, carpenter tools. (No, that was not a mistake to include sports 3 times!)

These cards were created with the idea that they would be for a man over 30.

I used the Graphic 45 ‘Olde Curiosity Shoppe’ paper to make this card.

Greens and blacks are great colors for creating cards for men.
Greens and blacks are great colors for creating cards for men.

We all know at least one guy who has gone through his mid-life crisis and purchased the car he wished he could have had in high school. With that in mind, I made this card for the middle-aged man. (Whatever age that may be these days….it keeps changing! Fifty is the new thirty? Really?)

birthday card with car
A perfect birthday card for guys that love cars!
over the hill card
This quote is perfect for a birthday card!

Argyle socks that so many men wear was the inspiration for me to make this birthday card. I have had this paper in my stash for a few years now and glad to use some of it, finally.

Argyle paper works well for a birthday card ,birthday cards for men, argyle printed paper
Argyle paper works well for a birthday card for that special guy!

Making cards for teenage guys is quite another challenge for me. When a guy turns 16, it is usually when he is able to drive. I have made a few cards for the guy turning 21, which is such an important birthday for them. Aside from these two birthdays, I have difficulty coming up with a theme for the card.

21st birthday card
…you can have root beer without the ‘root’!

Please tell me I am not the only person that finds making cards for guys a bit of a challenge. We have 18 guys and 9 gals in our immediate family. Needless to say, I do struggle a bit when it comes time to make birthday cards for the fellas in our family. I would love to hear your ideas or suggestions on how you create or choose cards for the guys in your life.

Thanks! ~ Vickie

flower thank you card
Thank You for Visiting!
Enjoy your Creative Day!

5 thoughts on “Making Cards for Guys

  1. gentlestitches

    Yes! Mens cards are more challenging. One of my male friends (girlfriends husband) has a big bushy mustache and I usually incorporate that somewhere into his card! Your ideas look good.
    Especially the “quote” idea.

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