Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl Birthday Card!

The Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl! They had been in the playoffs before, but this was their first Super Bowl victory! I know a lot of football non-fans, but I do want to continue with this sports theme to show you something special that I hope you will like.

My husband grew up in Seattle, so naturally he has always been a big supporter of all the Seattle sports teams. Since the Seahawks won the Super Bowl on Feb 2, and my husband’s birthday is on Feb 4, I knew I had to make him a card that included the Seattle Seahawks!

Seattle Seahawsk birthday card, birthday card for a guy,
The Seahawks won the Super Bowl on Feb 2, so this was the perfect card to give to a Seattle fan for a Feb 4 birthday!

The Seattle helmet and logo were cut from fabric I had leftover from a sports quilt I made for my husband. (I will post that soon!) I used the same technique for preparing and cutting the fabric for this card as I did for my nephew’s wedding card I made last summer. This is another way to use scraps of fabric or papers! I had lime green cardstock, (luckily it matched the team’s colors!) that I used for the background of the fabric to make it pop a bit. I wanted to keep the card simple, so attaching a ‘Happy Birthday’ greeting was all I felt it needed.

I enjoyed creating this card, and I always love it when I can use different materials. I know my husband was surprised to receive this card!

Happy Birthday to my Super Sports fan husband! Congratulations on your hometown victory!

Thank you for stopping by for a visit! Enjoy your Creative Day! ~~~ Vickie


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