Oval Die Cut Flower & Baker’s Twine Leaves

Crafting supply costs can quickly add up, so I like to find different ways to use the same products. It can save some money, and can add more creativity to my products.

Many of the cards I create have flowers on them, as they can be used for so many types of occasions. I use a flower stamp and cut it out to put on a card or use a flower die cut to create a flower, or I can cut a flower from patterned paper using a non-flower die cut! Here is how I can make a flower from an oval die cut!

small oval die cuts to make flowers on handmade card
Use a small oval die cut to make the flower ‘petals’ from small pieces of patterned papers.

I have some 6 x 6 patterned papers that are perfect to use for these oval flowers. (This is also a good project to use small paper scraps.) I used a small paper circle as the base to attach the oval petals.

handmade flower from oval die cut
A small circle is the base for attaching the oval flower petals.

I used baker’s twine to make the flower stem and leaves for this card. Tie a bow, then take the ends and pull them apart to make the top and bottom part of the stem. The loops of the bow become the leaves. Attach the flower at the top and a flower is created!

using baker's twine to make flower stem and leaves on a handmade card
Tie a bow with baker’s twine, and stretch the ends to make the ‘stem.’ The bow will become the ‘leaves.’

The center of my oval flower was finished with a matching brad and attached to the front of this birthday card!

using oval die cuts and bakers twine to make a flower for a handmade card
This flower was made from small ovals and baker’s twine was used to make the stem and leaves.

A smaller oval die cut or punch could be used to create smaller flowers. Have you used your die cuts in a different way? I would love to see what you made!

Enjoy your Creative Day!

~~ Vickie

card with house stamped and baker's twine bow
I appreciate you following my blog! Enjoy your Day!

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