My Favorite Things! Tools?

Everyone that has ever created something with paper, fabric, or other items, have their favorite crafty tools. I thought I would share some of the tools that I believe are so essential when I create my handmade cards.

One of the most used items on my work counter are my scissors. I am not talking about the scissors I use to cut my papers, ribbons, or fussy cut images. I am referring to my ‘sticky’ scissors I have a small pair of scissors that I use just to cut adhesive products. I use the Miracle Tapes for my projects. It is economical and they come in so many sizes. I also cut some of the larger adhesive foam squares into smaller pieces to ‘pop’ tiny images on my cards. (Think of my tiny butterflies that flutter on my cards!) When I use these scissors for cutting sticky things, I am assured my other nice scissors are reserved for non-sticky cutting. These scissors are also used to cut hard objects, like the ends of brads.

craft tools, scissors, paper piercers. punches
These are some of my favorite tools to use when I am creating my cards.

I also have some other ‘sharp’ tools that are my favorites. The red retractable needle/poker tool comes in handy for punching holes in paper so I can insert brads more easily. It is also useful for piercing holes around borders for another creative effect. My old non-retractable piercing tool has a blunt end. (Thanks to my son who used it to adjust the link in his new watch.) He felt bad for breaking it, but happy that I am still able to use it for my brads. Many brads have very long ends that can add additional bulk to my cards. Well, more bulk means more postage, and I don’t want that! So, I snip off the ends of these brads (with my ‘sticky’ scissors) and push down the ends with my blunt piercing tool. I can then attach the brad with a small foam square or an adhesive dot!

dental floss threaders, craft tools
Dental floss threaders can be used to guide small ribbons, threads ,and twine.

Sometimes I need to ‘thread’ a piece of ribbon or twine through paper and this essential crafty tool comes in handy! My dental floss threader makes it so easy to insert these ribbons, threads, and twines through a small opening. (This ‘tool’ came in handy when I attached my teabag on this card.)

tweezers, ways to use tweezers
Tweezers are so handy for many useful purposes, especially in a craft room!

It seems the item I use the most when handling small pieces of paper or embellishments is my pair of tweezers! These come in so handy when I am applying small objects (think of my tiny butterflies again!) on my cards. I can control the placement of these tiny objects so much better with my trusty tweezers!

This last essential craft tool I would like to share may seem a bit out of the ordinary. It happens to be a brush that comes with a haircolor product. I know some of you know what I am talking about. he he The bristles are stiff enough to brush away the little paper crumbs sometimes left behind on delicate die cut shapes. I tried a small paintbrush, but the bristles were too soft.

haircolor brushes, brushes in craft room
I re-purpose this ‘tool’ to brush away paper crumbs from die cut shapes!

These are just a few of my favorite tool things in my craft room. What items do you use that you can’t do without when you are creating?


handmade card with hedgehog in flowers with butterfly
Thank you for visiting HorseMarkCards blog. Enjoy your Creative Day!

6 thoughts on “My Favorite Things! Tools?

    1. Thanks Thea. I think everyone has their own collection of tools when they work on their projects, especially some that are re-purposed. I so appreciate you pinning my ideas. You are so generous wth your time. Enjoy your creative weekend!

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