Catching Up with Cards!

Well, I made it back from Arkansas where I had a wonderful visit with my grandmother. It was so nice to see her and other family members, but I sure did not like the severe thunderstorms and tornado alerts! Luckily, the tornado missed us, but hit a bit north of us. My heart aches for the people in the towns that were hit by the tornado. I can’t even imagine what they went through. I hope they recover soon. So sad that some lives were lost. Mother Nature can be a terrible beast at times. 😦

Now that I am home, it is time to get back to work. I received a special request to make a card for a mother-to-be. The customer also ordered some other cards and liked one with flowers in a vase. She asked if I could make a card with pastel colors and flowers in a vase, with lots of pink! Well, anyone can put flowers in a vase!

card for mother to be, baby card, card using lace, card using ric rac, card with flowers, card with flowers
A mom-to-be will be surprised to find this card in her mailbox!

I decided to use a baby buggy stamp I had from Craft Lounge as the vase. I wove some tiny pink ric rac through some lace to accent the side of the card. The name of the future mom was printed at the top of the card, but I changed it to ‘Congratulations’ for this post. (I never know who is reading this!) I used tiny pink hearts to accent the card, as I know there will be lots of love in this family!

I enjoy making special, personalized cards! This same customer had seen my post of using a wedding invitation to make a wedding card. I will be getting a wedding invitation from this customer to make another wedding card! I can’t wait, and of course I will share it when I complete it!

Do you know someone expecting a precious baby soon? I would love to make a special card for the mother-to-be!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your creative day!

~~~ Vickie

thank you card
I appreciate you visiting my blog! Have fun with your ‘creative’ day!
~ Vickie

4 thoughts on “Catching Up with Cards!

    1. Thank You! This was a fun card to create. (Sorry, for the late response. My spam folder is working overtime. Your comment is certainly not spam, and I appeciate you taking the time to leave it.) Enjoy your week! ~ Vickie

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