Cards with Flowers, Lace, and Ribbons!

Cards with Flowers! Cards with Lace! Cards with Ribbons!

These are all wonderful features to have on a handmade card, but when you combine them all on one card you can create so many beautiful cards! I would like to share one card I created that features all of these decorative ideas.

Let’s begin with the flowers. There are so many beautiful patterned papers with images that are perfect to use as backgrounds for projects, but you can also ‘fussy’ cut images from these papers to accent these designs. Some patterned papers are not card stock weight and need to be ‘reinforced’ when you cut images from them. The extra weight on the image can then be ‘popped’ on the card to add dimension. You can see how I use labels to add weight to these papers in one of my previous posts. This flower image was perfect to accent with the lace flowers on the paper.

ways to use ribbons, ways to use lace, repurposing labels, flowers on cards
Combining different techniques to create handmade cards

Lace is so nice to use as it adds a soft and delicate feature to handmade cards. My favorite lace has sections so I can ‘weave’ ribbon through to give it a different look. This wonderful technique was presented to me a few years ago by my friend, Sharon. Tiny rick rack can also be woven through lace, as I did on this custom card I created.

card for expectant mom, card with baby stroller,
Tiny rick rack was weaved through lace on this custom card I created.

There are so many types of ribbons available and so many ways to use them. On this particular card, I used ribbon in two different ways; weaved through the lace and to made the flower stem and leaves! Ribbons can be used to make pretty stems and leaves for flowers. Tiny rick rack can also be used for flower stems and leaves! A tiny glue dot held the ribbon leaves together on the stem, then I adhered the stem to the card.

This is the final result of combining these different materials to create one card!

handmade card using Lace, ribbon and a few tiny sparkles
Lace, ribbon and a few tiny sparkles were used to create this card.

You can think of endless ways to use these techniques on your projects! I would love to see and hear your ideas and what you have created!

Enjoy your Creative Day! ~ Vickie

handmade cards using lace, flowers


10 thoughts on “Cards with Flowers, Lace, and Ribbons!


    I love the ric rac woven through the lace! The baby carriage reminds me of a tiny wooden one I had as a child. Love the card!

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