Re-Purpose Cotton Rounds & Candle Holders

Hello Dear Readers!

Life and other activities have kept me away from my blog duties in the last several days, I hope to get back to my regular posting schedule soon!

In the meantime, I did want to check in and share something different that is a bit creative. (That is what my blog is all about!) We are all looking for ways to use items in different ways; aka re-purposing. Well, I have have a different way to use those little cosmetic cotton rounds and a candle holder!

A friend gave me a lovely cactus planter as a hostess gift. (I have wonderful friends!) There was a drain hole in the bottom of the planter and I needed something to set it on. Re-purposing came in twos! I used a candle holder as the stand since I didn’t want anything flat or too high. Since the candle holder was slightly curved, it could hold a tiny bit of excess water that leaked through the soil. As an added precaution, (I am one of those people that always have a plan ‘B’) I decided it needed something extra to absorb excess water. Cotton round to the rescue! Since the cotton rounds are inexpensive, I can replace them as needed. I love using items in different ways!

cactus planter, repurposing cotton rounds, using candle holders

Do you have any other uses for the little cotton rounds or candle holders? It would be nice to share your ideas and comments ~ I love hearing from my readers!

Enjoy your Creative Day! ~~~ Vickie


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