Custom Card for a Girlfriend…from her Boyfriend!

Hello Blogging Friends!

We finally got a bit of rain, which we really need! It has been a bit chilly in the early mornings, which makes that first cup of coffee tastes even better! October is just about gone, and the holidays are here…in the retail stores at least! I know many people are working on their Christmas and holiday gifts and I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone has been up to. It will be fun to read your blogs in the next couple of months! I am also working on some ideas and projects, which I will share later, since some of them are surprises. But, for now I would like to share a card I was asked to create.

It is so wonderful to receive e-mails from men requesting me to design a card for them. I recently received one from a young man, asking me to create a custom birthday card for his girlfriend.

How thoughtful, and how lucky this young woman is! He stated that she was going to be celebrating her 22nd birthday and wanted a card that had roses. He also requested that it be simple, but sweet!

This is the card I designed for him.

birthday card for 22nd birthday, card for girlfriend, card with roses,

As with all custom cards I create, I sent him a picture to be sure it was what he wanted. His response…..”Yes! That is perfect. It looks amazing!”

I think he liked it, and I know his girlfriend will love it. Not necessarily because I designed it, but that she received a card from her boyfriend that he ordered several days before her birthday! And, he ordered a custom card for her! What a guy!

My customers are wonderful! A huge “Thank You” for allowing me to create special cards for the people you care about!

Thank you for visiting my blog! Wishing you all a wonderful, creative day!

~~ Vickie


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