My Blogging Memories of 2014

My blog as been a wonderful outlet for me to share ideas and projects I have been involved with during my creative time. I really appreciate the feedback I receive from my faithful followers and new readers visiting for the first time. Meeting new people in the blogging world has been an extra bonus received from being involved in a blog. I am anxious to see what 2015 will bring to me and my blogging friends.

The last day in 2014 seems appropriate for sharing a few of my blog posts that were most popular. (A quick click on the title above the pictures will take you to the original blog post.)

Feel Better Soon!

get well card, card with girl,

Yikes! Am I Vintage?

vintage sewing needles and package
A sewing needles package from years past.

Why I Cut Up Wedding Invitations!

die-cut flowers from wedding announcement, re-purpose cards
I cut flowers from the wedding announcement to create this card!

Birthday Card Made with Cards!

Birthday card for card players, gals, guys, or anyone!
Birthday card for card players, gals, guys, or anyone!

Custom Cards and Cursive Writing
cursive wrirting, can you read in cursive, can you write in cursive

Cards with Flowers, Lace, and Ribbon

handmade card using Lace, ribbon and a few tiny sparkles
Lace, ribbon and a few tiny sparkles were used to create this card.

To my fellow bloggers, thank you for sharing your comments and ideas! I enjoy reading them and am so inspired with the projects you present to your readers. Blogging takes an incredible amount of time, and I do appreciate the efforts and devotion for each post!

Comments received on my blog are always appreciated and I respond to each one. Thank you for your support and inspiration! I hope you all have a wonderful Happy New Year!

Enjoy your creative day!


~ Vickie


8 thoughts on “My Blogging Memories of 2014

  1. Your blog has continued to inspire us to think “outside the box” with cards ideas. Real cards will never go out of style particularly for important events from important (in our lives ) people. My son and I made all our own name tags for gifts this year using recycled Christmas cards.
    Thanks for the ideas and for encouraging the younger generation to exercise their creativity and also recycle. My son and his friends made a wonderful card for their music teacher. ❤

    1. Thank you for such kind words. It is good to know your son is also involved in recycling cards and creating new ones. You are certainly doing your part to encourage creativity with the next generation. I appreciate your comments and being a loyal visitor to my blog. Looking forward to your creative projects in 2015. ~ Vickie ~

    1. Thank you Tanya. It will be a fun year reading about your new dresses you will create! You have inspired so many people, and I do hope to keep my sewing machine more active this year! (I tried to leave a comment on your last post, but something went wrong. Will try again!)
      Stay warm in your sewing room!

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