My Kindle ‘Kozy’

Have you every had an idea and wanted (or perhaps needed) to act upon it in a hurry? That is exactly what happened to me yesterday. Let me explain….

My husband, being from Seattle, is a big SeaHawks football fan. Well, as many of you know, they are playing in this Sunday’s Super Bowl game! Since his family is in Seattle, yesterday he decided that we should make a quick trip to Seattle to watch the big game with them!

Seattle Seahawks, Superbowl XLIX, card for football fan

This is where my idea comes into play. (Yes, pun intended!) I have recently purchased a new Kindle, but did not buy a cover for it. Since I knew I wanted to have it at the airports, it needed a cover!

Searching through my fabric collection, I found this floral fabric left over from a quilt I had made for my late mom several years ago. The darker colors of this fabric and the colorful flowers were perfect for my Kindle cover.

making a Kindle cover, fabric for Kindle, Kindle holder
Pretty Fabric for Kindle Kozy

In my excitement of creating this simple cover, pictures were not taken during the process. However, it was so simple to make. I added a bit of scrap batting inside for a bit of cushion for the front of my Kindle. I thought about adding a decorative trim, but just went with straight stitching on the top border.

making a cover for a Kindle, using fabric,

There are many types of covers you can make for your Kindles that are listed on Pinterest. Many of them include great tutorials!

Now I have a cover that will keep my Kindle protected as I slip it in and out of my carry-on bag!

We are looking forward to our trip to see family and cheer for the Seattle SeaHawks!

Thanks for stopping by…now I am off to Seattle! ~ Vickie


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