How Do You ‘Stick It’ ?


I hope this title didn’t offend you, but sometimes we all have to ‘stick it’ to something! (Hopefully not someone!) The crafting market is filled with so many choices of adhesives to use on various projects. If you are like me, chances are you have tried several types of products and found favorites that work for you.

When you use a lot of adhesive products, cost becomes a ‘sticking’ point. (Sorry, couldn’t resist!) I have found that one of the most economical products is Miracle Tape. They offer these adhesive strips in many sizes. You can tear off the amount you need or cut it. I cut it with my ‘Sticky Scissors’.

using adhesives on handmade cards, types of adhesives for crafts

I can even trim some of the pieces to fit into corners or make them even thinner. They offer 1/8″ wide adhesives, but sometimes that may be a bit too wide for some projects. When I need a skinny strip of adhesive, I usually cut a portion from the 1/4′ wide roll and it works just fine! I also cut angles on them, like I did with the tiny heart.

The corners of all the cards I make are adhered with Miracle tape, and I usually fill in the sides of the papers with tape from my tape glider. (I use and love the Scotch Advanced tape glider. It works for me!)

adhesives,sticky scissors,

These adhesives are used on every card I create. Of course, the Glue Dots are also one of my favorites. They also come in many sizes and types so they are useful in many applications.


Speaking of ‘Sticking It’, I also use a small piece cut from a larger mouse pad to use as a cushion when I need to punch a hole with my paper piercer. I can insert a brad and also use the tiny mouse pad to invert it so I can close the clasps without damaging the brad.

re-purposing a mouse pad, paper piercing, craft brads,

These are just a few of the ‘sticky’ products and ideas I use when I create my cards. I know you have your favorites too! Since I ‘stick’ to these products, I don’t know if any new adhesives have hit the market. (OK. I’m done. 🙂 )

Thank you for visiting me today and I hope I have given you some ideas on using adhesives in your projects!

Enjoy your Creative Day! ~ Vickie ~

(I am not affiliated with any of the above mentioned companies in any way, or receive compensation from them. I just happen to like their products.)

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