Community Responses to Lost Dog

Hello Dear Blogging Friends,

Today’s post is a bit different from my previous posts about creating handmade greeting cards and other creative ideas or projects. This is a more personal post.

A recent event has prompted me to write this post. My friend posted on Facebook that her little dog had escaped from their yard and was asking everyone to keep an eye out for her. This post reached all of her friends and reached more when her friends shared the post with others. When I saw her post on my Facebook feed, of course I also shared it and some of my friends also shared it on their feeds.

I posted my friend’s lost dog picture and information on my local Nextdoor site and was totally amazed at how many people responded. Many shares and comments resulted from this post as it was shared through several other social sites.

The local lost pets Facebook page was recommended to me by a NextDoor neighbor member, and of course I posted it on their site. (This was a site I did not know existed.) Well, you can imagine how many shares that received! A local pizza chain even posted the lost dog information on their business page.

To sum it up, the information spread quickly throughout our community. One lead proved hopeful, but it was not my friend’s dog. I was truly amazed and very thankful for the tremendous response of friends (known and unknown) in my community that took the time to share this lost dog plea. Many responded with comments and questions and took an active role in getting the information out so this little dog could be found.

I wish this had a happy ending, but the little dog was found and did not survive. It was so heartbreaking and many more people again took the time to leave comments and condolences. It is so emotional when we have to say a final goodbye to our pets, especially under difficult circumstances.

maltese dog,

This event has made me realize even more that there are so many people that care about others and take a bit of time to reach out when a neighbor needs a helping hand.

I wanted to share this story with you. Many of you own pets and I know you can relate to this article. Give them an extra treat today and let them know you care for them!

dogs, pomeranian, poodle, chipping dogs, dog identification

Thank you! ~ Vickie

**This post can also serve as a reminder to keep identification on your pets’ collars and get them chipped. (Remember to update the information if it changes.) Gidget was chipped. Keep a recent picture of your pets, just in case it’s needed.

** My only association with the NextDoor site is being a member within my own community. It is for all news, events and sharing information within your designated neighborhood. It is national, so you may want to check it out in your area. You may also want to check to see if there is a local Facebook page devoted to lost and found pets.


6 thoughts on “Community Responses to Lost Dog

  1. Myrti Freitas

    Thanks so much for all of the good info! Hugs to your friends on their loss od Gidget. Such a cutie… We have Nextdoor for our neighborhood too. It has been a blessing gor those who have had pets escape.

    1. I agree that the social media outlets can be a wonderful and useful source of information. This was a bitter-sweet post to compose. Thanks for reading it and taking the time to comment. You are a wonderful example of having support from someone I have never met. 🙂

    1. Comet and Robbie are very special to me and my family. It is so important to keep identification on your pets, and chipping is the best way. Love your ‘anipals’ term! Hope they enjoy their treats! Thank you for commenting. Enjoy your week! ~ Vickie

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