Follow Up to ‘The Love of Communication’

This was originally posted in 2012, and it explains why I feel so strongly about keeping in touch with the people we care about. Especially the people we don’t get to see very often. There is a follow-up note at the bottom of this post that is so important and really touched me. Whether it is a phone call, a card or letter, or in today’s world, a text or e-mail, please keep in touch with the people you care about.

My dear great-aunt Jessie recently passed away one month after she turned 99. She lived a full life and I will miss her. Here is the original post I wrote about her:

She was born in 1916. She still lives alone and, up until five years ago, put more miles on her little pickup truck than a big rig rolling along the highways across the USA. She can talk about most anything and is still as sharp as they come! Her address book has more phone numbers and addresses than a small town directory. The minute she heard that someone was ill or in a hospital, she was on her way to help or visit with them.

Now, she calls them. (Arthritis keeps her from writing.) She is so grateful to have the telephone so she can keep in touch with so many people. She called me a couple of weeks ago, said she couldn’t talk long, but wanted to see how my family and I were doing. Of course I was busy, but just hearing her voice I soon forgot what I was doing and enjoyed our conversation. After ‘catching up’ for a few minutes, she said she needed to make some more calls. She realizes how important it is to stay in touch with the people she cares about. She has done this her whole life. Perhaps that may be why she is still a vibrant 96 year -old!

She loves the phone, and remembers to use it for the very best reason…to let someone know she is thinking about them. Thank you Aunt Jessie.

Card sent to Aunt Jessie

Follow up note…

Several days later, I sent this card to my Aunt, just to let her know I appreciated her call and to let her know I was thinking of her. Once again she called me to say ‘thank you’. But this time she had something special to tell me. She had gone to a funeral that morning for a woman she knew since childhood and of course, came home feeling a bit sad. It so happened this was the day my card arrived. She told me it really lifted her spirits when she found it in the mailbox and was so touched when she opened it and read it.

I hung up from her call with a much stronger feeling and commitment to keep in touch with the special people in my life. I think it would be nice if everyone did the same. It’s the right thing to do.

Thank your for reading my blog. ~ Vickie

Update, 2014: My aunt loved flowers in her garden and was such a fun lady. She was so proud to sit on her friend’s motorcycle.

98 year old aunt on motorcycle, in garden
RIP Aunt Jessie


11 thoughts on “Follow Up to ‘The Love of Communication’

  1. Oh What a Touching Post. Thank you for sharing, Vickie cards comes in handy when we can’t get to be in person. Love is God because God is Love. Love is kindness, sharing and it is a Blessing as well. Be Blessed because you are, Mtetar

  2. Off to call my 88 year old Uncle and to mention my Aunt re took up the piano this year practicing on a digital keyboard (at my advise) I practice on the keyboard with ear phones. It is FUN!
    i am so proud of both them and they are always doing interesting things. ❤

    1. Fantastic! I’m sure your uncle appreciated your call. How fun that your aunt is learning piano! Learning and doing new things helps keep our brains active and young! Hope you have an enjoyable day!

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