A Creative Way to Use Your Crock Pot!

What is a crock pot idea doing in a handmade cards blog? Well, my blog is about all things creative! This post just happens to fall under the ‘…and a little bit more!’ category. 🙂

I have been updating all my links on past posts (a necessary task), when I came across this post that was originally seen on my old blog in 2012. Since the cooler weather is going to arrive, hopefully, I thought this would be a good time to revive this post. Since some of my blogging friends’ children have left their nest, I think this idea could be helpful in preparing smaller meals.

OK. On with the post…..

Since it has been so cold these past several days, I thought I would share this post about using a large crock pot.

My husband and I have recently become members of the ‘Empty Nest’ community. While our two sons were living at home, many meals were prepared using my large crock pot. Those of you that have raised teenage boys know what I am talking about when I say you need large pans, skillets, and crock pots when you are feeding these fellas! Big appetites… that never seem to be satisfied!

Well, now that they have flown away, I still enjoy preparing crock pot meals for me and my husband. When I took this out of my cupboard, I looked at it and thought about how much food it would hold. No way was I going to put a couple of pieces of chicken in this large dish and have it cook to my satisfaction….it was just too big!

crock pot, using larger crock pots, creative use of crock pot,
My large crock pot is
too big for smaller

I put my chicken into a smaller casserole dish and thought I would just bake it in the oven, when it occurred to me that I could set it inside the crock pot and cook it there! I would have the wonderful aromas of my chicken filling my kitchen and have an easy dinner prepared! (I did have a plan B…if this idea didn’t work, I could have my husband take me out for dinner!)

making a smaller crock pot, ideas for empty nesters, crock pot ideas
A smaller casserole dish
fits inside my large crock pot
for smaller meals!

Well, it did work! It took a little less time to cook, naturally since there were only three pieces of chicken in it instead of twelve! I did put the lid on the smaller casserole dish and the regular crock pot lid. Now I am able to still enjoy the convenience of using my crock pot for smaller meals.

I remembered I also had this oval casserole dish, which is a perfect fit since my crock pot is also oval. When the meal is cooked, simply wipe out the larger dish and you are all set for the next meal you prepare! One smaller dish to wash is much better…and it fits in my dishwasher!

My oval casserole dish is a perfect fit inside my larger crock pot!
My oval casserole dish
is a perfect fit inside my
larger crock pot!

This method allows me to still use my large crock pot and not have to purchase a smaller one! I still use it to make some foods that I am able to put into smaller portions and freeze for easy dinners later. It is also nice to keep around so I can make meals for my sons when they come for visits!

I hope this idea helps you with preparing smaller meals. I would love to hear your comments on what you have cooked using this idea or what ideas you have come up with to prepare smaller meals! Feel free to share some recipes too!

Thanks for stopping by!


Once you have your meal cooking in your crock pot, why not take a peek at HorseMark Cards! 🙂


9 thoughts on “A Creative Way to Use Your Crock Pot!

  1. Wow Vickie what a Creative Idea thank you for sharing. I used and old one as an Air Freshener Display also put potpourri in it add water and let boil or steam on low setting keeps the house smelling great. Be Blessed, Mtetar

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