Making Paper Purses!

My box of scrap papers is filling up again. If you have lots of paper scraps, here is one way to use them! This is an older post, but I think it is worth a second look! Enjoy your creative day!

An idea came to me in April when I posted a way to make a cute ladybug to put on a card I made. I used an oval die cut and cut a portion of it to make my ladybug body. Since I don’t like to waste papers ( especially printed papers) I punched a circle from the other half of the oval to make my ladybug’s head. Well, as often happens with many of us, I looked at the piece of paper after I punched the circle and saw something else! A purse! (How many of you saw it too?)

using ovals to make paper purses When I made this ladybug card, I saw something special in the leftover scrap!

making paper purses from oval die cuts and label die cut papers These are just two ways to make paper purses.

Many ideas from talented people are shared these days. Pinterest, Facebook, blogs and online magazines are just a few of the places we can…

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