A Thankful Thanksgiving!

Hello November!

October usually brings cooler temperatures and pumpkins, while November brings more leaves to rake and turkeys to roast! Thanksgiving in the US will be observed on November 26 this year. Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving Day in October. (I hope my blogging friends in Canada enjoyed some special time with their families and friends.)

wild turkeys roaming in neighborhood
Wild turkeys come by our home for a visit!

Soon the turkeys will be in the markets and all the food items to prepare the Thanksgiving feast will be on sale. (Some wild turkeys are already here….roaming our neighborhood on their annual turkey parade!) Families and friends get together to give thanks and share a special meal. Some Thanksgiving meals are really feasts, especially when they are celebrated with large families and groups of friends. Many people share in the food preparations, making it easier for everyone to enjoy the day.

If you are hosting the Thanksgiving dinner this year, then you already know how much extra time you will spend in getting your home ready for your guests. Family and friends may bring the mashed potatoes, vegetable dishes, and pumpkin pies, but you are in charge of the main attraction. The Turkey! Preparing the turkey and the stuffing is an important part of the meal. Even if you don’t serve turkey, the main dish of the Thanksgiving meal can still take time to prepare. Once all the dishes are done, the extra chairs are put away, and the special tablecloths and napkins have been laundered, you can take a deep breath and know that you have hosted a wonderful get together!

Thanksgiving table
Our Thanksgiving table is almost ready to enjoy with our small family.

When you attend a Thanksgiving dinner that someone else has hosted, I know you will give them a verbal ‘thank you’ for all their efforts. Everyone likes to be reminded that they are appreciated! Remember to give a thank you card to your Thanksgiving Day host. They will appreciate receiving an actual card they can hold and display in their home. They can reflect back on the time everyone spent together, hopefully with fond memories. (We all have that uncle or crazy aunt that can bring some extra ‘entertainment’ to the gathering!)

Thanksgiving is a time for us to reflect on the important people we have in our lives. I know I have so many things to be thankful for, especially my wonderful husband and our two sons. A special thanks to the special people who follow and read my blog – you are so appreciated!

I have created a cute thank you card that you may want to send to your Thanksgiving Day host. It is only $3.00 and can be sent to you in plenty of time to give to your family member or friend. The inside has room for you to express your appreciation for all the planning and things your host did for the special gathering. This little turkey is sure to make someone smile!

Thanksgiving Day Turkey Thank You Card created by HorseMark Cards
Thanksgiving Day Turkey Thank You Card

My new blog feature allows you to easily purchase this card securely, through PayPal. (You don’t need a PayPal account.)
If you prefer to have a special thank you card created, send me an email at horsemarkcards@gmail.com with your request and I can create your custom card!

I appreciate you visiting my blog and am so very thankful for all my followers and readers, long-time and new!

Happy November & Enjoy your Creative Days! ~ Vickie ~


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