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I thought I would share this birthday card designed with cards that I created for someone very special a couple of years ago.

Birthday card created with cards

Remember to give a card to the people in your life. They will appreciate it! In today’s fast paced world, receiving something in the mail that isn’t junk or a bill will certainly be opened first!

Hope you enjoy your creative day!

Free iPhone Screen Cover!

We are still settling into our new home and enjoying our neighborhood. When the rain finally stopped and the sun came out, I decided to take a walk with my poodle pooch, Robbie.

I always take my phone with me when I walk, just in case I get an important call or message. Well, my phone dinged and I stopped to pull it out of my pocket to check on who was messaging me. Robbie doesn’t like me to stop when he is walking, so naturally he pulled a bit on his leash and down my phone went! Of course it landed face down on the sidewalk!

Smashed iPhone, iPhone,cracked screen,

If you’re like me, you can’t be without your cell phone. ( I can’t believe I lived without one for most of my life! However did I manage!)
A new phone was needed immediately!

If you are also like me, you hate setting foot into a cell phone service store! I don’t mean to disrespect the employees, but I do disrespect the high prices on the services and products they have to offer. Like the $40 screen protector they wanted me to buy! I just spent over $500 on a phone and now you want me to spend more? I could get a less expensive screen protector somewhere else.

So, I did. I spent $15 on a screen protector that was supposed to be every bit as good as the higher priced ones. Yea, I know. My husband gave me the “You get what you pay for” look. When I carefully put it on my phone, the ‘bubbles’ would not come out! It was a mess! (In my frustration, I failed to get a picture of it.). Needless to say, it was taken off after several attempts to smooth it out.

I just wasted money, but I knew I needed something to protect the face of my phone, especially since I keep it a little case that also holds a few essential cards & cash. I was not going to spend another $40, so I decided to come up with my own solution.

iPhone, iphone screen cover, protecting iphone, repurposing cleaning cloths

This idea works for me. It is easy to flip the cloth over to see the screen when I use it. I tilt the phone a bit when I close it and the fabric cloth falls into place so I can close my phone case. It also keeps my screen cleaner and didn’t cost me a dime!

Every now and then I offer up an idea that has nothing to do with designing handmade cards. So this is another little creative tip that I hope will be useful for someone!

Thanks for visiting today and I wish you another creative day!


Too Many Embellishments?


I’m popping in to share a little idea I came up with while I was sorting keys after our recent move.

There are many ways to identify keys. Instead of putting them on a bulky key ring, I decided to add a little tag to give the key a name.

Since I was sitting in my creative room to sort the keys, I realized I had so many embellishments that I could put to another use! These tiny metal tags were perfect! I have had them for so long and rarely use them, so I was excited to repurpose them.

Repurposing embellishments, craft supplies, keys

I just used my fine tip Sharpie permanent marker to identify the key. A simple idea, but it used up a few items in my craft stash!

Thank you for visiting today and I hope you enjoy your creative day!

~~ Vickie ~~

Birthday Card made with Cards!

I’m sharing this older post, with an update. This card has been pinned to over 10k boards on Pinterest! Not a bad number for my little hobby/business!

Our home has been filled with playing cards since my eldest son was in the fourth grade. He would practice different shuffles and tricks, and leave decks and single cards in just about every room in our home. A few even ended up on a high window ledge in our living room! (I have yet to see that card trick!) His interest and passion for magic did pay off though, as he has been a professional magician and entertainer in the San Francisco area for several years now!
(Proud mom moment to share! Ryan Kane (Horsfall).

Anyway, in spite of always having playing cards around our home, using them to create my handmade cards had not even crossed my mind. A loyal customer recently requested some humorous birthday cards to share with her bridge playing friends. Well, this is when I realized I could open a fresh deck of cards and put them to good use! This is what I created.

Birthday card for card players, gals, guys, or anyone!
Birthday card for card players, gals, guys, or anyone!

Even if you don’t play bridge, poker, or other card games this card could be fun to present to the birthday ‘shuffler’. What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by for a visit! ~ Vickie

*Includes trademark material of Bicycle Cards.

‘Ugly’ Just Became ‘Nicer’

The ‘Ugly’ is the plumbing outlet on the wall that connects the water hoses to my washing machine!

The ‘Nicer’ is how I made it disappear from my view!

(Now that you know it is not about people or a critter, I hope you will continue reading!)

We recently had our laundry room painted and new porcelain floor tile installed.   I had not really thought about how often we are in that room.   My husband and I use it as the primary entrance into our home since it connects to our garage;  it is the pathway to our trash and recycling bins on the side of our house;  and of course it is used for sorting, washing, drying, and hanging laundry!  When I put the room back together again, I wanted it to look nice!

 I looked at the plumbing outlet on the wall that connects the water hoses to my washing machine.  It was not a ‘nice” thing to look at!  I hated looking at it every time I put clothes in the washer and wanted a way to cover it up.  (I am waiting for my washer to go out so I can get a new one with a pedestal, which will hide this wall ‘eyesore’.)  This was the last room in our home that received a ‘make-over’ so I wanted to find an economical way to decorate it.

'Ugly' Laundry Room Showing Washing Machine Hoses
‘Ugly’ Laundry Room Showing Washing Machine Hoses

 Brainstorm!  A picture!  I had this picture on the wall before it was painted, but decided to set it on the top of my washer and let it lean against the wall.   It covered the water hose connections, and gave me something a bit nicer to look at.  When I first put it there, it slipped and fell. (Luckily it fell on top of the washer, not behind it!)   OK.  Now I needed to secure it.  I thought about some sort of brackets, but I really didn’t want to put holes in my ‘new’ wall.  A piece of the rubber stuff you put under rugs to keep them in place happened to be sitting on my dryer, since I had also rearranged my laundry cabinets.  Another brainstorm!  I folded a piece of this ‘rug-holding stuff’ and set my picture on it!   (You can barely see it at the bottom of the picture frame.  That’s okay…after all,  it’s just a laundry room. The picture also created a barrier for things falling behind the washer!)

'Nice' Laundry Room
A ‘Nicer’ Looking Laundry Room–Goodbye Water Hoses!

Several years ago I also had an idea to find a way to keep the hangers in my laundry room.  Remember the clothes rods you could hang in the backseat of your car so you could hang several clothing items during a trip?  Yeah?   Well anyway, I put in a couple of nails under my laundry cabinets and hung this rod.   I kept it there after my laundry room was fixed up, since it is a very functional way to keep my hangers handy and a way to re-use the ‘car clothes rod’.  (Do they even make these anymore?)

I just wanted to share these two ideas.  I know there are readers out there who may be waiting for their washing machines to die so they can get a new one on a pedestal,  which will cover the ugly spot in their laundry room.  Some readers may even have an old ‘car clothes rod’  in their closet or garage that needs to be put to good use.

I would love to hear your ideas on re-using old things or solving a problem in an economical way!

Thanks for reading!

~~~Vickie Horsfall~~~

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