Pretty in Pink Birthday Card for a Golfer!


I hope all is well with you and you’re enjoying some creative time!

A special birthday card was requested for a female golfer. Yes, there are lots of girls and ladies that enjoy a good round of golf!

The only stamp or digital image I had for golfing was this little man that I’ve had for awhile and used a lot! I decided I would create my own golfing girl. I love the little girl stamps from My Favorite Things. You can see that this cute stamp has been used!

stamps for golfers, custom cards designed by HorseMark Cards

I wanted to fit a golf club in the girl’s hand, but decided a golf flag would also be appropriate. Since my customer wanted this card in shades of pink, this is what I designed!

birthday card for girl, female golfers, cards designed by HorseMark Cards, butterfly, golf cart

The outfit and shoes on this stamp are not colored; I cut out papers and layered them on the stamp. This is a great way to use those little scraps of papers! This was a fun card to design and I love the challenge of creating something original! I love to mix and match stamps to come up with different ideas.

My customer said this card was perfect, so I am pleased that I have another satisfied person that gives greeting cards!

I hope I’ve inspired you to mix up your stamps and digital designs to create something new!

Enjoy your creative day!

~ Vickie


Seattle SeaHawks Football Card!

Hello Readers!

Yep! Football season is back and many fans are cheering for their favorite teams. (In some cases, they may be yelling!) Even if you’re not a football fan, you are sure to know someone who enjoys watching this sport.

A couple of years ago, when the Seattle SeaHawks won the SuperBowl, there were so many excited fans! (We don’t talk about the year after that. 😦 (I kept hearing the phrase ” Why did he THROW the ball???” for weeks after that game.)

I digress…..

I created a birthday card for my husband, who’s from Seattle and has always been a fan of their sports teams. I even made him a sports quilt with all of his favorite teams. Since there was extra fabric, I fussy cut the helmet and text to apply to this card. It has been one of my most pinned and shared cards. (Lots of SeaHawks fans are out there!)

I have decided to create more for those that would like to purchase it for $4.00. A small price to pay to make a SeaHawks fan smile on his birthday!

birthday card, Seattle Seahawks card, cards for men
This Seattle SeaHawks card can also be personalized.

Buy Now Button $4.00

This card can be personalized by adding the details in the notes section when you purchase the card. If you prefer, you can also email me at with the information.

More versions of this card are available on my HorseMark Cards website. I hope you’ll stop by for a visit. 🙂 I am also able to create cards for other sports teams if you would like one.

Whatever team you are supporting, I hope you enjoy watching the games with your family and friends.

Thank you for visiting today!

~~ Vickie ~~

Birthday Card made with Cards!

I’m sharing this older post, with an update. This card has been pinned to over 1.4k boards on Pinterest! Not a bad number for my little hobby/business!

Our home has been filled with playing cards since my eldest son was in the fourth grade. He would practice different shuffles and tricks, and leave decks and single cards in just about every room in our home. A few even ended up on a high window ledge in our living room! (I have yet to see that card trick!) His interest and passion for magic did pay off though, as he has been a professional magician and entertainer in the San Francisco area for several years now!
(Proud mom moment to share! Ryan Kane (Horsfall).

Anyway, in spite of always have playing cards around our home, using them to create my handmade cards had not even crossed my mind. A loyal customer recently requested some humorous birthday cards to share with her bridge playing friends. Well, this is when I realized I could open a fresh deck of cards and put them to good use! This is what I created.

Birthday card for card players, gals, guys, or anyone!
Birthday card for card players, gals, guys, or anyone!

Even if you don’t play bridge, poker, or other card games this card could be fun to present to the birthday ‘shuffler’. What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by for a visit! ~ Vickie

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