Fussy Cutting Tips!

Hello Crafty Friends!

Die cuts for images are very handy, especially if you are not fond of fussy cutting. I happen to enjoy cutting images and would like to share a couple of tips.

When you are cutting an image, turn the paper – not your scissors! I learned this effective technique years ago from a dear friend. It really helps with the ‘flow’ of your cutting and makes the finished images look sharper. It is also very helpful to use good quality small scissors!

Good quality small scissors help make fussy cutting images much easier!

Some stamps or digital downloads of images have very fine outlines. I have found that taking a marker and tracing the outline to make it larger helps with cutting the image. This adorable dog bone from Inky Antics had fine lines, but using a brown Sharpie made fussy cutting easier.

Tracing the fine outlines of stamped images with a larger marker makes it easier to cut!

Another tip for cutting smaller papers has helped me use up most of my small paper scraps. I wanted to cut a strip from this smaller paper, so I taped it to a larger scrap so it would fit in my trimmer. You can see the line I drew so I would line up my dog bones just right!

Attaching smaller papers to a larger one helps to cut strips with your paper trimmer.
Adding papers on the inside of cards helps use up papers and carries the theme from the card front.

These tips were used when I created this adorable card! This cute puppy stamp is from Dare2BArtzy

I hope these tips help you with your crafting projects. Thank you for visiting my blog today! Enjoy your crafty day!



Senior Citizens and Kids!

Hello! Welcome to my HorseMark Cards blog page!

Postings on my blog have not been as regular as I would like; sometimes life gets in the way. However, I feel very passionate about sharing cards, so I think this post is very important. I hope you do too!

Technology has made it so simple to send a ‘thank you’, happy birthday’, ‘feel better soon’, or ‘congratulations’ greeting to someone. These greetings take a moment to send, and the recipient receives their message instantly!

Hello Card with flowers

Online greetings can be nice to send, however many people do not have access to smart phones, laptops, or computers. Many of our older senior citizens are included in this group. Some of them feel lonely when family and friends are not able to visit, and keeping in touch can sometimes be difficult for them. This is one of the reasons giving an actual greeting card is so important.

Thankfully, there are so many wonderful groups that have been working to make sure people receive an actual card in the mail. These are just a couple of the organizations that help make sure cards are sent to people who may need to be remembered the most.

Cards for Kindness

From the Heart

Kind Cards for Cool Kids

Let’s remember the kids! Many need some encouragement, happy birthday, and congratulations greeting cards sent to them. Many kids are dealing with an illness, bullying, and feeling of loneliness. Siblings also appreciate being thought of and all kids love to receive mail addressed to them!

Birthdays, Thinking of You, or just a simple Hello card is a wonderful way to let people know they are not forgotten.

I am thankful for the many talented handmade card makers who help make the lives of our senior citizens and kids a bit brighter when they send them a card.

I have also contributed to these organizations and I am honored to be a part of making sure people are not forgotten.

Remember to give a card to someone special today!

Thank you for visiting my blog today. Enjoy your crafting day!

~~~ Vickie

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Creating Cards for Kids!

These past few weeks I have enjoyed creating greeting cards for children.

Card with dog, kids cards,card with fire hydrant, card with grass, dog bone, hello notecard

Happy birthday, bear, balloons, Tucan, cards for kids

Finding a greeting card in your home mailbox can be exciting for an adult, and even more so for a child. Especially when the card is sent just to say ‘Hello’.

Dinosaur, greeting cards for kids, hello card, hearts, valentine card for kids, cards for boys, cards for girls

It can be a very stressful day for people now, and kids are certainly not immune to having a bad day. Imagine a child receiving a card in the mail that just tells them you are thinking of them. That card could make a big difference in how the rest of their day will be.

Girl with Pinwheel, Hello card for kids, cards in pink, cards for girls, kids cards

I have always enjoyed creating cards for others. Greeting cards are not as popular today, but that doesn’t stop many people from giving them. I am happy to do my part in making someone’s day!

Monkey card, jungle, cards for kids, bananas,

Thank you for visiting today. I hope you will give a card to a child so they know you are thinking of them!

Enjoy your creative day

~ Vickie ~

It’s Ok to Color Outside the Lines!

When a child first begins to experiment with crayons, they scribble on any image in a coloring book, (or a wall in the house!) Yikes! As they develop better motor skills, they are taught to ‘color inside the lines.’ That coloring technique was the ‘golden’ (or whatever color) rule of coloring. Well, today I am going to break that rule!

I was asked to make a birthday card for a little boy about to celebrate his 5th birthday. I decided that some little animal or other critter could hold five balloons, with different messages on each balloon. I began to browse through my crafting papers and found printed paper with cute monkeys on it. It seemed so perfect, since the monkey’s arms were in a good position for holding the strings of the balloons.

monkey paper, making handmade cards, birthday card for 5 year old boy,
This fun monkey paper was perfect for my card!

Since the front of the card would have 5 balloons and a cute little monkey, I decided the background of the card had to be simple. I found some striped paper with the same colors as the monkey.

I used my printer to make various messages for the balloons and printed them on white card stock. I took my balloon stamp and centered it over each message and stamped it on the paper. Putting white balloons on the front would be a better contrast than making colored balloons. I did want a ‘hint’ of color though, and this is where I broke the rule of coloring. I colored ‘outside’ the lines of the balloons!

handmade cards with balloons, cutting balloons
Coloring outside the lines of the balloons, then cutting them adds some color!

Once I colored the balloons (I used colored pencils), I decided they needed some sparkle. After all, we all know that monkeys love things that sparkle!

I added sparkle gel pen over the colors, then cut the balloons leaving a margin of the colors around the edges. This gave me just enough color, yet the balloons were still popping off the background paper. I also added foam squares to the balloons, which gave the card more dimension.

birthday cards with ballons, monkey holding balloons
Adding a hint of color around the balloons still allowed them to pop!

Another little monkey held a balloon I made using the Inky Antics HoneyPop honeycomb paper and balloon stamp. I couldn’t resist adding the message, “Today is a day to monkey around and have lots of fun!” to the inside of this little boy’s birthday card. I cut out the bigger monkey face from the paper and attached it to the back of the card to add a bit more ‘monkeying around’ fun!

monkey holding balloon on boys handmade birthday card
This is the perfect monkey to hold a birthday balloon!

I enjoy making cards for little ones and had fun with this monkey and balloons card. I hope when little Bennett sees it he will like the monkey and balloons, and perhaps he may act like a monkey for a moment or two! I do know little ones love to see their names on things, and I hope he likes his special balloons! Happy Birthday Bennett!

Thank you for stopping by my blog for a visit, and I hope you enjoyed this card I created.

Enjoy your Creative Day!

~ Vickie ~

handmade birthday card with bear and balloons

I shared this post on the Think Pink Sundays link! Lots of great things!

Post-It Notes, Hot Cocoa, and a TeaBag….Really?


What do post-it notes, a teabag, and an individual packet of hot cocoa mix have in common?
Well, they can be tucked inside a handmade greeting card!

handmade thank you card, stamps of house and tree
I used stamps from Darcie’s for this fun card! I love the polka dot ribbon!
Post-it notes inside Thank you cards
I stamped the greeting on a small stack of post-it notes that can be removed.


Sending a get well card with a tea bag or small pack of Kleenex inside will let your friend or family member know you are thinking of them and wish they will feel better soon.

Get well card, using My Favorite Things Stamps
I stamped the robe on patterned paper, hand cut it, and applied it over the cute little girl.
get well card with teabags
A teabag in this card is sure to make anyone feel better!


The added surprise of a package of hot cocoa would also make a young child be excited when they open up their birthday card! What little kid (or big kid) doesn’t love a hot cup of cocoa? Or, you could include a flat fruit snack, gum, or bookmark. (When I teach first and second grade, the students love to use their bookmarks!)

kids birthday card with hot chocolate
A little boy or girl would love to receive this fun card with a special surprise inside!
kids birthday card with hot chocolate
A packet of hot chocolate inside this birthday card is another surprise!


Everyone loves to receive something special in their mailbox. Mailing a gift package can be costly, but sending a card with a little something extra tucked inside will certainly bring a smile to the person receiving it. It can be a gift in itself!

birthday card for women, purses, gift cards
Polka dots make this birthday card fun, plus there is a surprise inside!
birthday card for women, purses, gift cards
What gal wouldn’t love to receive a gift card to shop for her birthday?


Sending a thank you card is something we should always do. (If you don’t, you should!) Imagine finding a special card in your mailbox from someone thanking you for something you did for them. It is easy to make a pocket card like this Thank You card. Click here to see how I made this card.

thank you card, teabags
I love this cute teacup and teabag with yellow paper!
thank you card with teabag
A teabag in this thank you card is perfect!

Why wait for a birthday or special occasion to send a card to someone? Surprise them by sending them a ‘Thinking of You’ or a note card when they least expect it. It will make you feel better and they will certainly appreciate it. What a wonderful way to keep in touch and let someone know your gratitude for having them in your life. Even if you see someone frequently, they would love to find a card with a stamp and their name on an envelope when they sort through the junk mail in their home mailbox. You know they will open the card first!

When you send a friend a note card to let them know you are thinking of them, include a bookmark or a teabag or a small post-it notes stack. How many people can say they received those in the mail?

What would you tuck into a card?

Enjoy your Creative Day!
~ Vickie

thank you card with strawberry, red ribbon,
Thank you for visiting my blog!