Junk Mail or Treasured Mail?

Junk mail fills many of our mailboxes, both online and in our physical mailboxes. We quickly toss this junk mail and look for the important envelopes.

Little girl holding sign saying thinking of you, butterflies

One of the best items you can find in your mailbox is a special greeting card! It can really make a difference to someone, especially in today’s world.

Cute poodle card created by HorseMark Cards

It makes me feel better when I send a card to someone, and I know they appreciate it. Who will you send a card to today?

Thinking of you with colorful hearts created by HorseMark Cards

Enjoy your day!


Creating Cards for Kids!

These past few weeks I have enjoyed creating greeting cards for children.

Card with dog, kids cards,card with fire hydrant, card with grass, dog bone, hello notecard

Happy birthday, bear, balloons, Tucan, cards for kids

Finding a greeting card in your home mailbox can be exciting for an adult, and even more so for a child. Especially when the card is sent just to say ‘Hello’.

Dinosaur, greeting cards for kids, hello card, hearts, valentine card for kids, cards for boys, cards for girls

It can be a very stressful day for people now, and kids are certainly not immune to having a bad day. Imagine a child receiving a card in the mail that just tells them you are thinking of them. That card could make a big difference in how the rest of their day will be.

Girl with Pinwheel, Hello card for kids, cards in pink, cards for girls, kids cards

I have always enjoyed creating cards for others. Greeting cards are not as popular today, but that doesn’t stop many people from giving them. I am happy to do my part in making someone’s day!

Monkey card, jungle, cards for kids, bananas,

Thank you for visiting today. I hope you will give a card to a child so they know you are thinking of them!

Enjoy your creative day

~ Vickie ~

Thank You for your Hospitality!

It has been a very busy summer and I hope all of you have enjoyed being with your children, family, and friends! I know many of you have taken vacations and some have had fun events to attend!

I recently returned from a visit with my aunt and my cousin in the beautiful state of Oregon. My first day there was a bit smokey, due to the wildfires in Oregon and northern California. (So sad to see so many acres of land, and in some cases homes, destroyed. A huge Thank You to the many firefighters battling all the fires.)

Once the smoke cleared a bit, I was able to enjoy visiting with my aunt and cousin. She has lived in the same house for 54 years and it still looks as though she purchased it yesterday! Beautiful trees and wildlife surround her home, and deer come to sit on her lawn most every evening! Since she is a quiet person, the deer are not afraid of her (or me!) and they came within ten feet of us! It is amazing to see these wonderful creatures up close. They do nibble on some of her flowers and steal apples and plums from her trees, but she realizes they need to survive too! I took a picture of them one evening and the flash automatically went off and scared them, so unfortunately I have no pictures to share. 😦 They did return the next evening, and I kept my camera away from them. 🙂

When I returned home, of course I knew I was going to send her a thank you card to express my appreciation for her hospitality. I had intended on creating a card just for her, when I realized I already had the perfect card I created a few weeks ago! I love the doghouse die from Di-namics and the ‘grass’ I used for this card. (Do you see what’s buried in the grass?)

thank you card, card with dog in doghouse, card with bird, card with dog and bone, card with clouds, horsemark cards

It was the perfect card for her since she had been sitting with a cute little dog for a few months. Her neighbor would drop off Daisy in the mornings and pick her up on his way home from work. It is the perfect set up for everyone! My aunt enjoys having little Daisy around during the day and of course Daisy loves my aunt giving her plenty of attention and extra belly rubs throughout the day! She is very fond of my cousin too, who also spoils her! I have to include a picture of this adorable little pooch! She helped me with my ‘doggy fix’, since I left my two pooches, Comet and Robbie, at home with my husband.

Daisy, a cute dog with a wonderful personality

It was so nice to travel to Oregon for this special visit. I hope you are able to visit with special people in your lives and enjoy their company. It’s so important to keep connections with family and friends! Remember to send thank you cards too!

Thank you for visiting today! Enjoy your creative days! ~~ Vickie