What Can You Do with a Graduation Gown?

This is the time of year for graduations and celebrations! Many graduates will be bringing home their grad caps, tassels, and graduation gowns after their commencement ceremonies. Chances are, they will not be taking them when they move to college or start their new careers. These once treasured items will be left at home.

repurposing graduation gowns, using graduation gowns
This graduation gown can be re-purposed to protect clothing!

When my eldest son graduated from high school in 2007, he kept his graduation gown and cap. (Of course, since we had to purchase them!) His cap was put in a drawer, along with his tassel. His graduation gown was hung in his closet.

When he went away to college, I was organizing his closet a bit to make room for some of my clothes that I didn’t wear often. (His room has the largest closet in our home.) As I was hanging some of my ‘dressy’ dresses, I decided I needed to protect them. I found that I was staring at my ‘purple’ solution in his closet! I decided to put his graduation gown over my dresses!

re-using and re-purposing a graduation gown
You can re-purpose a graduation gown to protect your clothes!

Now, instead of just hanging in the closet, it has a very useful purpose! I found that I could fit several garments inside the gown, and I loved the fact that it was long enough to protect all of my clothing. Since the grad gown zips in the front, it is easy to put around clothes. (Much easier than trying to fit other garment protection bags over the tops of the hangers!)

When my youngest son graduated in 2010, I had another purple graduation gown to use in my closet, instead of just hanging it! I use it to protect some of my husband’s suits and jackets.

Graduation gowns can also be used to protect clothing when moving or traveling! (Just make sure your grad brings it back so you can use it!)

I still haven’t figured out a way to re-purpose their graduation caps! If anyone has ideas, I would love hear about it!

Congratulations to all the Graduates!

~ Vickie ~

girl in graduation cap & gown


How to Make a Different Tri-Fold Card!

The traditional greeting card that you open from the side is very common and the cards that open from the bottom are also popular. But it is also fun to make or receive a card that opens in a different way. I have enjoyed making tri-fold cards, but today I am addding a little ‘something’ to make it a bit different! (This idea was presented to me last year by my card-making friend. Thanks Sharon!)

You will need a sheet of a transparency. (I have a pad of 25 sheets of ‘Recollections’ Clear Craft Plastic Plastique Transparent sheets from Michael’s Craft store that is perfect for this project! But, any transparency sheet will work.)

Start with cutting an 81/2 ” x 11″ piece of cardstock in half, lengthwise. (This is the standard cut to make most of my cards.) Score at 1/2″ and 4 1/2″ from one end.

how to make a tri-fold card for graduation
Score your card stock as indicated to begin making your tri-fold card.

Cut a piece of a transparent sheet 5 1/2′ long by 4 1/2″ wide and attach on the inside of the small 1/2′ scored edge of your card stock base.

how to make a tri-fold card for graduation
Attach a piece of transparency on the inside of the small fold.

Cut two matching strips of cardstock 5 1/2″ long and 1/2″ wide. This is another way you can use up some of your paper scraps! I originally cut a circled border edge, but decided to just use plain strips of card stock for the edges. (The bordered edges seems a bit ‘busy’ for this particular card.)

how to make a tri-fold card for graduation
Cut two borders or plain strips of cardstock as indicated.

Add your messages, patterned papers, and stamped images to the inside of your tri-fold card.

how to make a tri-fold card for graduation
Add printed paper, stamped images, and your own message to the inside.

Now comes the tricky part! When you add the border and image on the front of the transparency, make sure you line up the edges carefully so they don’t show from either side. I found it best to attach my adhesive (I used Miracle tape) directly on the transparency, then attached my border and oval image. You may have to trim your borders a bit. (If you use a decorative cut for your borders, make sure they line up before attaching!)

how to make a tri-fold card for graduation
Add an image, border, and sparkly stickers on the front of the tri-fold card!

I added a few sparkly stickers to my border since it was a bit plain. This special card will be personalized and given to a very special graduate!

I love creating different cards and this particular tri-fold card can be made for any occasion! Give it a try! (Or, if you prefer, I can create a special card for you!)

Thank you for visiting today and I hope you enjoy your Creative Time!


handmade thank you card for readers