Hugs of Love and Compassion

Sympathy card with flowers

Remember to listen, smile, and show generosity to everyone. Give the ones you care about an extra hug today, and everyday.

Life can change in an instant.


Happy Mother’s Day!

Today is a special day set aside to honor and pay special attention to Mothers! If you are a mother-to-be or a mom to special people in your lives, this is also a day to say ‘thank you’ for all that you do. Today is also a day to remember the moms that are no longer with us. My mom has been gone for almost six years now, but keeping good memories of her will always be with me. I am fortunate to be celebrating this Mother’s Day with my husband and our two sons. I hope you will also be able to spend time with your children, both young and old.

Mother's Day card created by HorseMark Cards with glittered flowers and butterflies

Happy Mother’s Day!

~ Vickie