Banana Split!

I was asked to create a going away card for a woman who was leaving her place of employment, for a good reason. There was a personal reason behind using the banana split theme.

Going away card, banana split, funny cards,

Designing this witty and personalized card is another reason why I love creating handmade cards!

Remember to give a card, for any reason, to someone you know! They will appreciate it!

Enjoy your creative day! ~~~Vickie


Teacher Appreciation Day!

Teachers should be celebrated and appreciated every day, but there is one special day set aside to acknowledge them ~ Teacher Appreciation Day!  This year this wonderful day will be celebrated on May 3.

Many students will be giving a card or picture they created, or a little gift to show their teachers how much they appreciate them. Some may give them a hug or a flower and wish them a “Happy Teacher Day’. Teachers feel extra special on this day just knowing they are being acknowledged for their extra efforts!

Best Teacher Appreciation Card with apples created by HorseMark Cards

Parents can also show how much they appreciate all the extra time these educators spend to help their students. Giving them a special card with a personal message of thanks or a little gift will mean so much!

Make sure you remember to honor the incredible teachers in your life on May 3, and everyday!

I have many teacher friends and I know some of my followers are also teachers. Thank you all for the time, effort, and the extra things you have done to make a positive  impact on so many of your students’ lives.

Teacher Appreciation Day Card with school bus created by HorseMark Cards

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

If you would like a personalized card created for your special teacher, I would love to design it for you! Just email me at and you will have your card in a couple of days!

I appreciate your visit to HorseMark Cards Blog.  Enjoy your creative day!

~ Vickie ~

Custom Cards & Cursive Writing

***This post was originally published in 2014**

Hello Dear Friends!

My posts have not been as consistent these last few weeks, but I have been reading what most of you have been posting! We all know how much time it takes to prepare our blogs and it seems that recently other projects have kept me away from my blog. I miss posting and hearing from my readers, so my goal is to get back into my routine of posting once a week! I also post some fun items and share what other creative people are doing on my HorseMark Cards facebook page, which I hope you will visit soon! Now, on to my blog!

A few weeks ago I received an e-mail from a customer asking me if I could personalize a card she found on my website. Of course I said Yes! She composed a personal message and asked that I ‘write’ it on the inside of a card and mail it for her. I was happy to do this, but when I sat down to write the message, a thought occurred to me…does the person know how to read cursive?

Since I had no idea of the age of the person or where he was educated, I did not know if he was taught cursive writing. In the end, I printed the message on the card.

personalized, custom card

It was a beautiful message of love, and I believe the romantic style of cursive would have been more appropriate for the lovely message. I felt it inappropriate to ask if they knew cursive, but now I feel that I should have been more specific on the style of writing I used. The customer was extremely satisfied with the card and the printing looked very nice.

This experience prompted me to think about current views on cursive handwriting. I know many schools are no longer teaching cursive to our youngsters, and many more school districts across the USA are considering deleting this class. Many people think it is not relevant today, given that keyboards have taken over our writing tasks. However, there are also many people that think learning and writing in cursive is a positive learning experience. Cory Turner wrote an interesting article on this for nprED that is worth reading.

This experience got me to thinking if other languages and countries still use cursive. I knew Mr. Google would know, so I did a bit of research for my own curiosity. Many other countries still use cursive and I found it very interesting when I began my research. I did find some articles that have been written recently. Lisa van de Geyn wrote an interesting article for Today’s Parent. Another article I found was written by Katherine Collmer.

cursive wrirting, can you read in cursive, can you write in cursive

I do believe cursive should be taught and used in our world today. There are a variety of reasons that are mentioned in the above articles and I do believe we can keep skills from the past and incorporate them with our current technology. Moving forward doesn’t always mean that we need to replace skills, we can just add new skills!

When I began this blog over two years ago, I knew I wanted to have it be a ‘Creative’ blog. So, talking about cursive writing fits right in. After all, it is a very creative skill!

Thank you for stopping by for a visit today. Your comments are always appreciated. Wishing you all a wonderful, creative day!

~~ Vickie ~~

PreSchool Teacher Thank You Card

Hello my Creative Friends!

It is always nice to receive a card in the mail, but it is extra special if that card you get is personalized.

I was delighted to get an e-mail from a mother requesting a thank you card for a preschool teacher. (Actually, she requested three thank you cards. I will share the other two later!) The customer requested a card that included crayons, letters, and numbers.

There is a very fortunate preschool teacher that will receive this thank you card that I designed just for her! It was so fun to create and I am pleased with the results. What do you think?

teacher thank you card, card with crayons, letters, numbers

I would love to create a personalized card for someone you know. Contact me at with a couple of details and I will design a card for you!

Thank you for stopping by for a visit. Enjoy your creative day!

~~ Vickie ~~