RePurposing Items to Create Cards!

We received two phone books in the last few days. I guess some people still use these, but I usually just toss them into our recycling bin. I decided to keep these, thinking I could use them in some way. Perhaps I could create a card! 🙂

Since I didn’t want the complete names and numbers of people to be shown, I decided to use a flower die that was thin enough to only reveal parts of the information. The flowers on these cards were created using a die from Elizbeth Craft Designs. I stamped the leaves and stem and cut them to finish the flower. I even used the ‘yellow pages’ to design my flower!

repurposing phone book pages to make cards, created by HorseMark Cards
The flowers are cut from pages from a phone book!

My family loves attending live theater, especially musicals. We received a flyer in the mail announcing that “Hamilton, the Musical” was going to be in San Francisco! I immediately knew what I would do with it!

Since the flyer was printed on sturdy card stock (and clean!), it was perfect to use to create a card.

Hamilton, musical, Father's Day Card created by HorseMark Cards
I repurposed the flyer for ‘Hamilton, the Musical’ to create this Father’s Day Card!

Since my husband is such a big fan of the broadway musical, “Hamilton”, I knew I had to create this card for his special day! When I gave it to him, he reminded me that Alexander Hamilton was one of our founding fathers. That made it appropriate for a Father’s Day card!

hamilton themed fathers day card

I still have several traditional papers in my craft room to design many more cards, but I like the idea of repurposing some items that add different elements.

Catalogs, magazines, and printed photographs can also be repurposed to create new items. I know many of you have used different things when you create your projects! It does add variety to our designs!

Thank you for visiting my blog today! I hope you like my ideas and are inspired to create something different!

Enjoy your creative day ~~ Vickie


Creative Idea on How to Re-Purpose Old Photographs!


We all have them…lurking in old photo binders, stuffed in photo safe boxes, tucked in a drawer or cupboard that rarely gets opened. Of course, I’m talking about actual photographs that were printed at your local film-processing store, Costco, and FotoMat (remember those little photo processing buildings?)

What could I do with all these old photographs that are taking up precious space in my home? Somehow, just *tossing them into the trash bin seemed too cruel for these precious memories, they still had some life in them. I knew there was an answer somewhere.

After browsing all around the internet, including Pinterest and other popular crafting and re-purposing sites, I could not find an idea that I liked. A friend told me about a man she once worked with who cut up his old photos and crafted them into a beautiful mountain scene, which he framed and had on his office wall. She said it looked nice, but I think that idea was out of my creative range. I guess I had to turn on my ‘thinker’ to come up with an idea on my own.

While going through my old photographs, I came across an envelope that held duplicate pictures of a river cruise I took with my sons several years ago. While taking a picture of a birds nest in a tree on the bank of the river, I captured the back of a fellow passenger’s head. (Not the photographs I wanted to remember for this adventure.) What caught my eye in this particular photo was the beautiful blue sky that took up most of the space. Bingo! My ‘thinker’ worked and I knew how I could re-purpose this picture! (This is also the teaser picture I posted earlier!)


ideas to use duplicate and old photographs, handmade cards, creative ideas for making cards,


I quickly took out my flower die, and place it over the blue sky, and created petals of a flower! The photo paper is thick enough and of such great quality that this flower was perfect to place on a greeting card!


flowers created from old photpgraph designed on birthday card


Well, once I created this card, there was no stopping me! I looked through my dies to find ones that were thin enough to use on more photographs. One picture of a group of people with different colored clothing was perfect to use, however I did not want images of eyes or heads peering out of a flower or swirl. (Too creepy!)


using die cuts from old photographs to create cards by horsemark cards


I love this pretty swirl die cut from Di-Namics and decided it was perfect to use to create this note card. It was thin enough so the fragmented image of someone’s leg or head would not be seen at the end of a swirl!


notecard created using die cut and old photographs


The pictures of scenic views were more appropriate for thicker dies and cuts. Seeing a portion of a tree or river on a finished flower provided the right combination of colors, as you can see on this card I created. I adjusted the cuts of the scalloped pattern to balance the colors of the flower.


Flower Card created from photo, Framed


The different finishes on photographs (matte or glossy) can add some variety to this technique. I also thought about other dies I could use to create cards with my new idea. A rainbow die from Di-Namics was used to create this thank you card.


thank you card created by HorseMark Cards from old photographs


I also took the portions of photo paper left over from printing my own photos to use as the backgrounds or accent pieces on my cards. My post on Thank You Cards shows you how I used photo paper to make snowflakes, a snowman, and a snowflake wreath!

Since we camped several times when our boys were younger, I have many photos of trees. I used my Stampin’Up die cut to create some leaves from one of these camping pictures and created a nest for the bird. I needed a sympathy card, so I used the leaves to create this muted card.


sympathy card with bird in nest, using old photos, butterflies on cards


Many times I have to control my urge to purchase more papers to add to my ever-growing collection. Now, I have added more ‘papers’ to my collection, in the form of these old photographs! Not a problem, as I am re-purposing these to create something useful!

So, what do you think of my idea? Would you re-purpose your old photographs using this technique? Do you have other ways to use old photographs? I would love to hear about the ideas you have!

Thank you for visiting my little creative corner. I hope you have a wonderful day in your creative world!


*Here is a link for ideas on how you can safely recycle old photographs, as some of the old photos and negatives contained harmful chemicals.

A Busy Time of Year!


Hello Friends!

We are all so very busy this time of year! School is back in session, the seasons are changing, and like it or not — the holidays are approaching!

Like many of you, I have been spending lots of time in my creative room and at my computer preparing some new cards and other fun ideas!

I will give you a little peek into one of my projects!

ideas to use duplicate and old photographs, handmade cards, creative ideas for making cards

Curious? Well, I must admit that I am proud of this idea and I will be sharing it with you soon!

I have enjoyed seeing all the wonderful ideas many of you have already shared! So many creative people – I love it!

Take care and enjoy your creative day!

~~ Vickie

Rescued Zoo Animals!

If you’re like me, you save various items with the hope that you will find a use for them someday. Hopefully, that ‘someday’ will come sooner than later. One item I have saved, or rather tucked away in my craft supplies, were some puffy stickers of zoo animals. I vaguely remember purchasing these for a page in my sons’ Creative Memories scrapbooks I created over 10 years ago!

When a customer requested a birthday card for her grandson, I decided to use the die cut from Sizzix that has recently become one of my favorite dies. It is so versatile! I knew I wanted to have something fun on the card that a child would enjoy. Off to my stash I went and rescued my puffy zoo animal stickers from the depths of my storage vault. Their ‘someday’ was here!

children's birthday card, zoo animals, card with stickers of monkeys, elephant, snake, giraffe
The little puffy animals were perfect for this fun card. I carefully cut around the backing so the stickers can be removed from the card and the birthday boy can use them. (I hope he and others will enjoy the card before they take it apart….that is the most important reason to give special cards!)

The grass was created from a die-cut from Die-namics. It was dusted with a bit of brown chalks to add to the zoo effect! You know what I’m referring to! 🙂 Glittery papers added some sparkle.

I hope this little boy has a terrific time at his birthday party. He is so fortunate to have a grandma that will give him his own special birthday card!

Thank you for stopping by for a visit!

Have you visited HorseMark Cards lately? I would love to create a special card for you!

Enjoy your Creative Day!

~~ Vickie~~

Thank You Cards

Now that the 2014 holidays are but a memory, many of us have people we need to thank. Sometimes a verbal “thank you” and a hug to someone special is the best. Sending a card of thanks to someone after the holidays can also be nice!

I received a card from a friend thanking me for their handmade gift I gave her for Christmas. (More on gifts later!) First, it was a pleasant change to see a hand addressed envelope in my mailbox. Second, it was good to read her thoughtful thank you note and reflect on the time when we exchanged our gifts. Third, it was a time to appreciate her taking the time to send the thank you card and realize what a special friend she is.

Creating and sending thank you cards has kept me busy the last several days. I would like to share how I used something different to create some of my cards — scraps of photo paper! Most of us do not print out photographs. Pictures are usually shared on our smartphones, social networks, and other tech devices. I happen to print some pictures to mail to my grandmother and great aunt, both in their 90’s. There are always bits of borders of the photo paper that are blank after I print pictures. Well, you know me! I am not going to toss those shiny white scraps of papers!

You can use the edges of photo paper to punch snowflakes!
You can use the edges of photo paper to punch snowflakes!

The blank side borders and scraps of the photo paper can be used for many craft projects. One idea I use it for is to punch snowflakes to add on my cards. The gloss of the photo paper adds a bit of a wet look on the snowflakes. Some of the snowflakes are elevated with foam adhesive to add more dimension to the cards. I also used scraps of photo paper to punch the circles of the jolly snowman on this card!

using photo paper scraps, making snowmen, handmade cards
Photo paper scraps were used to make this snowman and snowflakes!

Brown paper was used for the background to match the snowman’s hat on the printed paper. The snowflakes really pop against the darker background. I love snowmen, so several of my holiday thank you cards included them.

handmade card, snowmen on cards, snowflakes
White snowflakes on a dark background really pop!

Anxious to use up the photo paper scraps, I went wild in punching snowflakes. This is a card I created resulting from my snowflake punching madness!

photo paper, snowflakes, cards with snowflakes, thank you cards, wreaths
These snowflakes were punched from photo paper.

Another new year has arrived and we are all excited to see what it has in store for us. I wish all of you the best in 2015!

Enjoy your Creative Time and thank you for visiting! ~ Vickie