Coloring Ribbons to Match Your Projects!

If you don’t have the right color of ribbon for your project, you can color it with markers!

When I am in a creative mood and working on a project, my main objective is to finish what I am working on while I am in the creative ‘mode’. I have a good supply of ribbons, however sometimes the colors just don’t match up to the papers I am using.

This was the case when I was creating one of my baby cards. The printed paper I used as a base for the card had a bit of yellow in it, and I had yellow ribbon to match.

coloring ribbons with markers, ways to use ribbons
I added green to my hot air balloon, but decided to use green ribbon instead of yellow.

When I matched the yellow ribbon up to the hot air balloon, it just didn’t ‘pop’ enough. I needed a darker green ribbon that matched the paper, and of course I didn’t have that exact shade of ribbon. I did have a marker that matched the green color! Could I just color the ribbon with my marker to get the shade of green I needed? Yep! I could! (I tested the green marker on some light brown ribbon, since I had plenty of that color.)

coloring ribbons with markers, ways to use ribbons
The yellow ribbon was nice, but I needed green.
I used a marker to color the ribbon green!

I was able to complete my project without having to buy more ribbon. Since my markers usually don’t get much use, I am glad I found another way to utilize them. (I am more of a colored pencil and chalk person when it comes to coloring images.)

I love this little pony stamp wrapped in a blanket! Isn’t he adorable? This cute stamp is from Clear Dollar Stamps. They have converted to digi stamps now, and I believe this stamp has been retired. 😦

coloring ribbons with markers, ways to use ribbons
I colored the yellow ribbon with a green marker so it is a better contrast to the yellow baby blanket!

So, this is another idea on using different items to create the exact accents you may need for your projects! You know me, if I can create it, why buy it! I hope you enjoy your creative day and I appreciate you stopping by my blog!

~ Vickie

handmade card with hedgehog in flowers with butterfly
Thank you for visiting HorseMarkCards blog. Enjoy your Creative Day!

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